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Welcome to UPSB Wiki

Please contribute to the wiki! A great place to start is the Wanted pages category. Just click a link to create a new article on the subject. If you more help with figuring out what to do, have a look through the Maintenance category to see if you can provide any of the asked-for information.

To start editing the wiki, please login on the UPSB forum. If you have problems logging in, contact an admin.

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Featured content


Pen Spinning World Cup 2014

Congratulations to JEB for winning the Pen Spinning World Cup 2014 ! PSH was the runner-up.

The official website can be found here:

Major article categories

  • Tricks: all articles relating to pen spinning tricks. The Trick List is an on-going list to keep track of all known, official tricks. Sub-categories include Combos and Hybrids.
  • Terms: terms that all pen spinners should be familiar with.
  • Pen Mods: how-to articles on building specific pen modifications. The minor modifications sub-category gives small, helpful tips (cutting grips and barrels, etc...).
  • Inserts: uploaded inserts for clear-barrel pen mods.
  • Pens: information on the individual pens used in pen modification.
  • UPSB Research Department: all articles released by the UPSB Research Department.
  • Websites: listing of pen spinning websites, also categorized by language.
  • Pen spinning communities: histories and events of the various online pen spinning communities.
  • Famous pen spinners: background on well-known pen spinners from all pen spinning communities.
  • Events: pen spinning events inside and outside of UPSB.

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