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Oct 25, 1995 (Age: 21)

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special man, Male, 21, from NY

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dead meme Apr 16, 2017

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Jun 20, 2017
    1. Reason
      dead meme
    2. Reason
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    3. Reason
    4. Reason
    5. Reason
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      2. TheArker
        Looks like a cool team :0
        Dec 31, 2016
    6. Reason
      S T A L E M E M E
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    7. Reason
    8. Reason
      i wouldnt fuck with a bong...
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      2. Nine53
        Drink the water
        Dec 6, 2016
      3. Snooze
        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)~ highly doubt it
        Dec 6, 2016
    9. Reason
      chork pops
      1. AéthylliA
        Season rucks.
        Nov 21, 2016
      2. Noobspinner
        Cop porn
        Nov 21, 2016
      3. Reason
        please stop. you guys make me feel like i need to shake a tit.
        Nov 21, 2016
    10. Reason
      im back (that was quicker than i thought it would be)
    11. Reason
      I won't be on sb this weekend so I can finish some work.
      1. Wallly
        Good luck with that man
        Nov 19, 2016
    12. Security
      The whole nightblade situation was that he used the wrong email for the first, and the correct one for the second. The account that is actually validated is banned, so would you mind unbanning that one and banning the other?
      1. Reason
        Ok I'm gonna discuss it with the mods. Though if he can still use the first account at all, I believe you can change the email address attached to it.
        Nov 18, 2016
      2. Security
        @Reason I think it's the confirmation part. Will it send him another confirmation to the correct email if he changes it?
        Nov 18, 2016
    13. Reason
      i hope everyone enjoyed the podcast, because i dont remember any of it.
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      2. Wallly
        420 fam
        Nov 3, 2016
    14. Reason
    15. Reason
      Nasty boi
    16. Wobster
      happy bday reason, hope it was a stress relieving one if you what I'm sayin'
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    17. Van
      hbd fam
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    18. Reason
      Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It's been a stressful day so I truly appreciate it. (I'm not always a cynical ass)
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    19. Security
      Reasonable birthday, eh?
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    20. kuro
      Happy Birthday ^_^
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    Oct 25, 1995 (Age: 21)
    • Right-Handed
    Favourite Trick(s):
    demons sonic, power pass, taps
    Started Spinning:
    fall 2009
    Favourite Pen(s):
    personal pencil mod, xoundssa
    sb stuff... bottom to top.
    [2 Minutes Ago 10:20 PM] Zkhan : Reason is pro

    [6 Minutes Ago 01:03 AM] Walkaz : reason is the new upsb sexgod

    [38 Minutes Ago 09:33 AM] SYSTEM: Besides, judging is simple: longest nails wins.

    [1 Minute Ago 11:06 PM] Raiz : (fate is like a chill nigga sometiimes)

    Tentcell: Yo guys I'm white, if you ever need a language translated that white ppl speak then hit me up

    [1 Minute Ago 01:24 AM] Leon[HKPSA] : you speak of diversity yet you can't accept a penis

    LifeIsGood: Most trusted - Reason...(if sober)lol

    [4 Minutes Ago 08:04 PM] Tigres : lel, 'back to the fellatio'
    [6 Minutes Ago 08:02 PM] Reason : legit sci fi mini series
    [6 Minutes Ago 08:02 PM] Reason : go back in time to get blowjobs.
    [10 Minutes Ago 07:58 PM] Tigres : *proven fact
    [10 Minutes Ago 07:58 PM] Tigres : ya, blowjobs are longer than civilization

    [3 Minutes Ago 09:40 PM] JackyMacky : Reason, your index spin is bootiful lik a diamon ring

    [1 Minute Ago 08:08 PM] Panda Hugs : I'm a girl... We are all crazy...You gunna judge me!? I pull a razor right out mah totties and cut ya

    [1 Minute Ago 10:10 AM] Spinner_Zap : didnt see supergirl's video but i know she is an old timer so she must be good!!

    [1 Minute Ago 03:01 PM] neXus : Not just in relation to religion but in every way
    [1 Minute Ago 03:01 PM] neXus : people should live the way that makes them the most happy without doing harm to others

    [10 Minutes Ago 09:09 PM] XYZaki : Dang son use a condom next time
    [1 Hour Ago 07:56 PM] HuTai : nvm it is right
    [1 Hour Ago 07:55 PM] HuTai : wait wrong disease
    [1 Hour Ago 07:49 PM] HuTai : i also have a little Clinodactyly on my ring finger 0_o
    [1 Hour Ago 07:27 PM] HuTai : proximal phalanges and intermediate phlanges
    [1 Hour Ago 07:26 PM] HuTai : wait wrong one
    [1 Hour Ago 07:26 PM] HuTai : i think
    [1 Hour Ago 07:26 PM] HuTai : the bend is between my proximal phjlanges and meta carpals
    [1 Hour Ago 07:25 PM] Rotation87 : yo
    [1 Hour Ago 07:21 PM] HuTai : or 60 degrees
    [1 Hour Ago 07:20 PM] HuTai : probably a 45 detgree bend
    [1 Hour Ago 07:20 PM] HuTai : of the camptodactyly
    [1 Hour Ago 07:20 PM] HuTai : i only have a little bit
    [2 Hours Ago 07:20 PM] HuTai : i have it on the pinky

    [1 Minute Ago 09:16 PM] casual : it's like a trick with a dark, mysterious, brooding past
    [1 Minute Ago 09:16 PM] casual : what am i doubling? what's so fake about it?
    [1 Minute Ago 09:16 PM] casual : fake double sounds cool too

    [3 Minutes Ago 03:09 PM] Baaron : if its one that you want to read, ill be sure to include a lot of pictures
    [4 Minutes Ago 03:08 PM] ShadowParadox : Have you ever thought of rwriting a book baaron?

    [1 Minute Ago 05:30 PM] fang : Hell has a good wifi.

    MPC: Okay I've almost cracked this demons dumbass devils dogfish sonic

    12:29 PM - nexus: what's the word for the baby x-ray of the preggo woman



    my youtube channel my twitter
    neXus : people should live the way that makes them the most happy without doing harm to others... Not just in relation to religion but in every way​