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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zkhan, May 17, 2014.

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    Can any older spinners here confirm that the RSVP MMX (Momentum MX) was invented by Kam before the RSVP MX? According to this archived UPSB Wiki article, the MMX was made first (after the RSVP V2), but I have not seen that claim anywhere else before now. (

    At a glance I doubt this claim because the phrases "MMX" and "Momentum MX" look like they were derived form the normal "MX", meaning the RSVP MX came first. But this is why I ask the question.

    Less importantly, was its name originally "RSVP Momentum MX" or just "Momentum MX" (or was the abbreviation "MMX" used originally)? This question doesn't matter as much and the answer could probably be debated anyway; I mainly would like to know about my first question above.

    EDIT: Upon investigation, it seems @sketching was one of the major contributors to that page. sketching did you add that information and/or can you confirm it is correct? In the first draft of that article you said the MMX came after the RSVP MX, but that info must of got changed at some point. You haven't logged on in a while so I don't really expect an answer, so I'll also tag @strat1227 'cause he seems old : P Also sketching when/if you do log on again, please answer this no matter how old the post is, unless the correct answer has been given by that time.

    EDIT 2: Might as well go direct to the source and tag @kam. He might be busy with stuff, but perhaps he may log on and notice this and decide to post. :dunno:
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