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Discussion in 'Presentation' started by fang, Nov 17, 2014.

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  3. It is best to have an angle where you could capture the whole pen while spinning. The angle you have now doesn't capture the whole pen (The pen was cut off at the top of the screen). Try moving your camera up, or try to spin closer to the table. I'm not that good in presentations, but that is my advice to you. Hopefully it will help you.
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    I got a new angle lol What do you guys think? (Ik about my computer screen, I'll try fixing that later)
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    If you remove the computer it's perfect, I like this angle
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    Cool, thanks for the review XD The Computer Screen is kinda bolted in the table (Or whatever it might be called) Lol
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    @TheArker i agree that the screen shouldnt be visible in the angle, but also try to make sure youre hand is as close to being in the middle of the frame as possible.
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    I'll do my best lol
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    First time filming myself, feels weird.
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    Looks Awesome!
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    Is this angle any good?

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