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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sangara, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. sangara

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    Hello spinners!

    A quick note first, no one asked for this.

    My name is sangara, this year marks my 10th year in and out of the penspinning world. I've left being active in the community 3 times, each time with a longer break in between. I've never stopped spinning but I've for sure stopped practicing. I'm back for my 4th time and practicing again with a new outlook.

    I've come back with the hopes of both evolving my spinning and yours. Ask me about leaving UPSB the first time, my secret meetings with kam, being v3's self proclaimed best troll, why I hate SEVEN, my new journey into 3 ball juggling, how far I can throw a playing card, my opinions on cubing, my time over at BPSC, my life long rivalry with i.suk, my new 100days100tricks challenge on Instagram. You know, anything.

  2. Van

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    Thoughts on Gran Turismo Sport
  3. sangara

    sangara Member

    Have not played it yet. I don't even own a next gen console. Is drifting still a thing?
  4. AéthylliA

    AéthylliA Member

    Dear Sangara,

    You were a shit troll.

  5. shadrcom3t

    shadrcom3t Old-Timer

    r u still king of spider spin

    why don't you like seven cause I forgot. I forgot if you don't like his g3 as well

    do you still keep in touch with JC, cxi, shadow or other v3 peeps

    I think the LeMon is better with a sunburst cap than rsvp (if you still spin that mod.)

  6. sangara

    sangara Member

    I see what you're doing and I respect it.

    SEVEN was always sloppy with his links, I never got the sudden fascination with him. I mean you had like 15 other Japanese spinners that were way better. The only other v3 person I keep in contact with is cXi. We text about once a month, very complicated past. I never stopped spinning the LeMon mod, but this week I was finally fed up with how fast the HGG grips would wear out, threw an anyball grip on there. I have to say the Anyball is way better than the HGG, more grip and more durability. I will admit that the HGG looks way better though.
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  7. AéthylliA

    AéthylliA Member

    You came back at a pretty low point in UPSB. Without any real role models, the majority of the community is melancholy and unmotivated. There's also this fascination with stifling creativity/style in efforts of building better control. Personally I've always found style equally important, but that's just how the current trend is.

    That said, isuk is putting in some great efforts on rekindling the community, so this may be the beginning of something good. Have you been keeping up with his video content? It's a good primer on whatever you might've missed while you were gone.
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  8. shadrcom3t

    shadrcom3t Old-Timer

    I didn't realize v5 was a "dark time," but glad to see more old peeps coming in to revive the forum.

    gr8 reply m8 ir8 8/8. glad to see you back =D

    There's another spinner (Amnesia from v3) who still uses the LeMon too.

    I was gonna recommend adding an airblanc on top of the HGG Grip (with a sunburst cap to offset the airblanc) if you're worried about HGG wear... but I just tried it, and it took me a good hour to get it to spin balanced again. If you have an airblanc to spare and some profile grips to put on the back cap, might be worth a shot to keep the look. It's def gonna be heavier and spin quite differently, tho. Result vs reg lemon mod:

  9. sangara

    sangara Member

    i.suk is a big reason as to why I came back. I lightly followed him on YouTube to keep in check with spinning in general but that guy pushes so much content it's ridiculous. I'm sad to see the state that UPSB is in, knowing that this place meant a lot to me back in the day. UPSB literally changed my life and at some point I wish I was kidding. I met a lot of great people on this board and it's sad to see them go. It's funny you should say there's a lack of role models here I think that's a big reason as to why I came back. I gained so much from this place I have to pay my respects and help UPSB not only grow but flourish.

    You don't really realize how much something means to you until you leave it, I know this is cliche but it's true. I always found myself spinning and people always make comments on how cool it is or they ask questions how I do it. That's why I keep spinning, I love seeing people's reactions to what I'm doing and watching them be enthralled by it. I've never stopped loving spinning I was just too caught up in my own devices to appreciate it.

    With that being said I hope I can bring back what UPSB gave to me. I hope to get people excited again and be a role model like all the spinners I looked up to were to me.

    Damn that almost looks like a budget Saizen. I'm glad to see that people are enjoying my mod, I plan on creating a new tutorial with the Anyball option. I think it adds a lot to the pen.

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  10. mhig

    mhig New Member

    secret meetings with kam?
  11. Saltient

    Saltient Member

    Fav spinner and why?
  12. Inev

    Inev meme academic

  13. sangara

    sangara Member

    Haha yeah, when I was living in Southern California 5 years back Kam and I met up a couple times. I was really amazed that even though he wasn't that active on the forum Kam was still honing new tricks and new mods. I think one of my favorite things was he never lost his childlike wonder for manipulative arts. I remember showing him my wrist spin concept and he was just as excited as I was. We talked a lot about the community and how he built it up, I kind of regret not doing anything with that information at the time.

    Also holy shit mhig you're alive!

    Leviathan. I think he was the best spinner on UCPSB v2 by far. Just look at this video, this dude came up with these 10 years ago:


    People would ask me why I was so into Spiderspins at the time when no body was doing them. That's why. He's also the reason why I wanted to do the Inverse NeoBakfall, which if I can toot my own horn here I was second in the world, as far as I know. If you ever go back and watch UCPSB's Unmodded Pen Collab, (which is a fantastic collab btw) that was the first time I had seen him spin. I actually own that red RSVP he spins in the video, a bit of a memento from my hero in penspinning. Another note, he was so controlled in his spinning you could tell the was dedicated to making something great. I could go on and on about how great he was but I'll stop it here and give you my honorable mentions in no particular order:

    Key3: Wipers, Midbaks, Flush Sonic, you name it this guy could do it. I would obsessively watch Japanese collabs just for him.
    Eban: Didn't find out about him until the AREZERT (pontoku) channel started coming out with unofficial solos. He doesn't participate much in collabs but apparently he was really active internally in their tournament scene. His links are so obnoxiously smooth and flawless.
    mhig: I don't understand two things about mhig, why he would never buy another camera and how god damn good he was at spinning. His links are always crisp and he had a fantastic take on traditional Korean spinning
    Pudels_Kern: By far my favorite German spinner, he was a great friend at the time, we fed off each other. He helped me develop my spinning a lot especially when it came to the Inverse NeoBak Fall
    Hippo_2626: I don't even know where to begin with this guy. His spinning is so creative and fresh (or was at the time). Really glad to see him back spinning in PWT. He's going to do great.

    Haha, I actually really like his inverse shadows. I was learning them at the time so it helped seeing new links. I apologize if I just don't recognize your name from v3 but back then I was attempting to make a splash on the PS world. Trolling just seemed like the easiest way to do that.
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  14. Kumuwu

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    favorite snack and drink? also fav color?
  15. exclusive

    exclusive Member

    What do u avg on cubing?
  16. Æva

    Æva Gourmet

    how do i get style
  17. moss

    moss wo rm

    why did you leave upsb 3 times?
  18. Saltient

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    Why arent you answering our questions
  19. sangara

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    What the? How did I not get any updates from my own thread? I only saw this because I was skimming the front page. Anyways sorry guys, here we go!

    Snack: Goat Cheese + Crackers
    Drink: I like beer a lot, I'd say my current favorite is Pabst Blue Ribbon
    Color: Yellow
    I think my best average of all time was ~55 seconds. I'd probably be at 2-3 minutes at this point.
    1. Watch more videos, slow them down, steal mini combos. The only way you continue to develop is to accept more input. Like a spinner? Binge their videos figure out what makes them tick.
    2. Practice with intention, write down that mini combo and practice it.
    3. Film more, you need feedback in order to make your next decision.
    4. Talk to spinners, learn about what they're learning have them show you what's up
    5. Repeat
    The community shapes you way more than you think.
    Ego driven mainly. I was frustrated with my spinning the first time (about 2 years in) and instead of practicing I started trolling. I started using UPSB as a hang out rather than a place to discuss penspinning. The other two times, just being aimless I had no goals and just drifted, depression probably had a lot to do with losing interest as well.
  20. Wobster

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    Hi Sangara,
    What other hobbies do you have and why?

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