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    Im surprised no one made a thread about this,I dont know much about this,is there anyone who can teach me how to manipulate bottles and cups?
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    Here is a playist from YouTube with some specific tutorials from drink pouring to flashy tricks it seems like. There's also probably other tutorials elsewhere on YouTube too.

    From the looks of the KumaFilms video, for the more general/basic stuff you'd want to learn ordinary toss juggling first, then transfer to pins (or just go to bottles, since they are similarly shaped). Also you'd want to learn some contact juggling stalls, like a forehead stall, top of head stall, and inside of elbow stall with normal balls (start easy), then transfer to bottles. Dunno much about this stuff but from the looks of it you'd want to start with these techniques.

    EDIT: @Lock sorry just realized I didn't post the link to the playlist :facepalm: here it is:
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    looks dangerous and risky. imagine being a bartender and you do all these crazy tricks, then you make a mistake. you break a nice bottle of expensive vodka, you gotta pay for it before dem russians go ape shit...

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