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  1. jamal

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    Talk about whatever with it
    Ask questions
    Post your shit
  2. jamal

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  3. jamal

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  4. Peng15

    Peng15 Lvl 23 pen spinner

    jamal you must be like 180lb. lol i never thought that heavy people could do it even if they were strong. I use to love it. I don't have a gym teacher or whatever. I just like watching youtube videos.

    Lilou used to be one of my favorites. Heres a video of him battling.

    Lilou got destroyed but i still like his famous footworks.
  5. jamal

    jamal New Member

    I weigh 200 lbs. I never had a teacher, I learned everything myself. There is no excuse, even fat people can do it, you dont need that much strength and it builds as you go along. no excuses m8
  6. Peng15

    Peng15 Lvl 23 pen spinner

    That's amazing. Now swimming takes up all my time. I would learn it if i could.

    That's an short inspiring success story.
  7. jamal

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  9. jsgamemaker

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    I love B-boying. I'm not much of a powerhead. I'm much more of a stylehead. I can do only three power tricks those are Crickets, Swipes and Hand Glides.
  10. Takatoshi Taniguchi

    Takatoshi Taniguchi New Member

    I dabble a little in breaking, but I'm not that good t it. The only power move I can do is a windmill, so there's an example of how inept I am

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