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When should you start learning linkages? (Choose two if it is in the middle of the choices)

  1. Proficiency in sonics, tas, charges, wipers

  2. Mastery in sonics, tas, charges, wipers

  3. Proficiency in the above + shadows, fakes, and arounds

  4. Mastery in the above + shadows, fakes, and arounds

  5. Proficiency in the above + aerials, other misc challenging tricks

  6. Mastery in the above + aerials, other misc challenging tricks

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    I think I found something about it on the German board.
    I can't understand a word that is being said, but I think the question posed is "Is the Infinity Bust a Hybrid?"
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  2. ZP31

    ZP31 New Member

    i can do this
  3. Aeoluz

    Aeoluz Old-Timer

    Sonic 34-23 > Sonic 23-12 > Neosonic 12-TF > Charge Rev TF > FL TA REV

    Simple combo I made.
  4. ZP31

    ZP31 New Member

    By SuperVValrus: (Palm Down)Sonic 23-12 to Index TA(Palm up) to Rev TA *catch in 23 fingerslot* to sonic then a neosonic...easy
  5. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    Try to come up with your own links. I'm not saying SuperVValrus is bad, but as you progress, don't use other people's links. Also people like ChowCow, Ktrinh, and SuperVValrus have sort of nooby "simple" linkages. Look at Tigres' Simple Linkage series for some slightly nicer linkages
  6. ZP31

    ZP31 New Member

    thats just for learning simple ones afterwards u can use other longer linkages _thats what i meant
  7. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    I understand. Also, word of advice, most spinners here dislike ZG's, so you might want to change your pfp sometime in the future.
  8. ZP31

    ZP31 New Member

  9. ComputerNerd12

    ComputerNerd12 Old-Timer

    by "dislike" he means "abhor" and "degrade"
    i agree don't use other people's links. even sls, I don't really use them completely, but instead take inspiration. for example, instead of the scissor spin one i use fake double (where the pen spins on T2 and the pen falls into slot 23)
  10. D3V1L

    D3V1L Member

    I hope its not a problem for waking up this thread.
    Ok so this is what i can do:
    Thumbaround/rev,charge,sonic,fingerpass/rev,fl ta/rev,twisted sonic/bust,infinity,figure 8,index around,double TA(3/10 tries successful),palmspin(1/10 successful),bak,backaround,neosonic,shadow 12-12(5-6/10 successful).
    What linkage or combo can i make?

    P.S. Sorry for being a noob(1,5 months spinning) :(
  11. Coolman612

    Coolman612 New Member

    You could do the korean pass(ta rev T12-23 > pass 23-12 > backaround/bak > fl ta rev )
  12. k2themountain™

    k2themountain™ New Member

    Hello guys! Need a little help, super new newbie here, less than a month's time of pen spinning. So here are the tricks I know(not much, but i gotta start somewhere)
    Thumbaround, Fingerless thumbaround, index around, Thumbspin, Charge Normal, Sonic and Twisted Sonic, Fingerpass, figure 8 and K4LC. I'm learning the infinity and double charge atm.
    are there any linkages that i can do with these tricks? Thanks in advance!
  13. FireLord127

    FireLord127 Member

    pass 23-12>indexaround>pass reverse 12-23> pass reverse 23-34>sonic 34-23>twisted sonic 23-t12>fingerless thumbaround

    Hope this helped
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