Betamoderator Evaluation For Tigres

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Poll closed Oct 25, 2015.
  1. Grant full moderator status

    43 vote(s)
  2. Retain beta-moderator stage and re-evaluate later

    3 vote(s)
  3. Strip beta-moderator

    4 vote(s)
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  1. Zkhan

    Zkhan Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    It's been one month since Tigres has been promoted. It is time for the public to evaluate his performance during the beta phase.

    Please no flaming, post comments / feedback if you wish so.

    Remember that while the results of the poll are of great importance, the rest of the moderating staff have the final say on the decision.
  2. Peng15

    Peng15 Lvl 23 pen spinner

    "He's a great guy! I like him!."

    "It's Tigres what can I say?"
    - Random Man 1

    "That's 3 yes'!"
    -Hong Kong Got Talent
  3. Kayvee

    Kayvee Beta Modder Hater

    dont vote for tigres
  4. EveRest


    Strip Beta Moderator O_O (I don't think he is a stripper)
    OC, he should be given a full mod status :D
    Keirun likes this.
  5. Raiz

    Raiz Old-Timer

    the fukbois who said strip of status culd eat b00ty

    in all seriousness as long as the man doesnt get lazy I belive he would be a good moderator.
  6. coffeelucky

    coffeelucky pen all-rounder

    Tigres done the moderating job well. I don't see any reasons to not grant him the full mod except he don't want to be.
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  7. ComputerNerd12

    ComputerNerd12 Old-Timer

    Those jerk downvoters
  8. Law

    Law Old-Timer

    Tigres 2015!

    He seems like a good mod. Give 'im full mod status.
  9. Vstrike

    Vstrike Member

    Can i be mod too?
  10. EveRest


    D: oh shit....
  11. Zkhan

    Zkhan Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Tigres passes the evaluation with an 86% approval rating.

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