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Discussion in 'Board Comments' started by Zkhan, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Instinct

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    There's a special section where it displays people who are online that you follow, why not have the same thing for birthdays? Whenever it's the birthday of someone you follow it's displayed in a separate section
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  2. Aeoluz

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    You should do some decorating on the donate page, just linking it to a guy's PayPal who i can only assumecas the web developer just looks fishy and kinda like a scam tbh, maybe a whole page for donations and stuff like that.
  3. Nekoiskawaii

    Nekoiskawaii Member

    The one thing I don't get is why the oldest posts are first. I guess you could say it helps keep up to date with the convo or dont be lazy and just click the last page but still. Just don't really understand it. For example the game section you have to go all the back to reply to most recent post even though you dont need the full context. If there is a way to change it, must have missed because im pretty new here. But otherwise its really great! No complaints. Good job guys :) <3 (The heart is just for good measures lel)
  4. shadrcom3t

    shadrcom3t Old-Timer

    when looking at a thread in the forum view, click the "26 minutes ago" or (whatever time stamp the last post has) and it should take you to the latest post:

    So if I wanted to play "Rename the Person above you", I would click Jun 13 under Inev's name:

    it should also give you the latest post link in the notifications (more often than not)
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  5. Nekoiskawaii

    Nekoiskawaii Member

    Its not like its HUGE problem it just seemed a bit odd to me. Just wondering why is was like this :/ but thanks for explaining the other things :3
  6. Spinner.HoW*

    Spinner.HoW* Old-Timer

    1.) much better to make the the comments on threads to be (newest first)... to prioritze newbies and visitors to be updated. "YES" newbies and visitors... most of them are lazy to click and click and click... I think it's good that they can already see the "latest" for everything.

    2.) Lets try to have a "Party System", like (Team, Guild, etc). Just like what we had on PPSC, and what JEB has. make events, tournaments, or everything related to this.
    I think this system can help spinners to have external motivation to keep up their career as spinner. yeah, this days pen spinning is getting cold, some psers feels like they're just on their own; they feel lonely, then stop. Lets have something that can help them, lets make pen spinning/er "more" active again.

    3.) Regarding World Tournament and World Cup Qualification, is it good to have an specific qualification on every board to make sure they're fit for WT and WC? like have their own tournament on their board, maybe the top 3 or 5 spinners may have a chance to be in WT or WC... Just like on the major sports tournaments that being held in the world. there's always "Qualification games"... they must prove something. on this way we can assure the quality of "Pen Spinning World Tournament and World Cup".
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  7. shadrcom3t

    shadrcom3t Old-Timer

    Funny you mention this - there used to be "groups" in v3 (not sure about v4) where you could invite people and make posts specifically to your public/private group. I feel that a lot of functionalities like these were removed since a lot of spinners left (and you just have a bunch of groups that no one uses). As an aside, I was pretty surprised when some people complained there weren't enough people to resurrect the teams again (that it would be a burden or just a mess).

    I'm all for bringing teams/groups back as well, even if it's just a few people here and there (shout out to RGB :thumb:). It's up to the admins tho if they think it's worth it.

    PS: I'm gonna bring up re-implementing the "1 Month Newbie Forum" again cause I feel a lot of people would benefit from having that.
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  8. chaos

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  9. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    you likely broke the rules and therefore had it revoked from your account
  10. chaos

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    oh shit.
  11. chaos

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    well i miss fast posting(and responding)
  12. wasamasa

    wasamasa New Member

    This board should really be using HTTPS. It was easy to ignore before, but Firefox keeps reminding me how I shouldn't enter my password into websites not using it. Let's Encrypt allows you to easily get TLS certificates for free and renew them automatically.

    edit: The preview displays links without any decoration. This is quite fucked up. I had to double-check to make sure there was actually a link there by hovering and it actually displayed underlining then.
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