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  1. chip

    chip Old-Timer

    new pens soon

    i will include freebie to all
    if you're wondering, ask me about weight or length and i can measure for you

    also can get
    2 TUL pencil : $8
    1 supertip old/new body: $.50
    8 RSVP Colors: $4
    2 RSVP black: $1
    1 USA flag rsvp : $2
    1 Stylus rsvp: $2

    emboss: $10
    bonkura comssa: $6
    DC Jellpin thing
    Yelo mod: $19 (all legit except barrel is dong-a nodry)
    red-orange KT: $16
    beige marvy marker mod: $14
    Joey DC $16 (real 700n and all but the hex backplug is sub to ct backplug)
    legit miffy with 2 heliptrope ct cap $22

    Stalogy $10
    needlepoint (metal tip) $4
    metallic gel (plastic tip) $3
    tinted act cap
    upsb rsvp and bic, antique hyperjells
    nondrys, old and new comssa

    sunburst whole set $140 $125 $100
    moonz whole set $120

    I can take cash in mail,PayPal, steam credit ECT I'm pretty flexible Just pm me.
    Shipping usually like $2 or so when non international.
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  2. chip

    chip Old-Timer

    lowered some prices
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  3. FabianWar Spinner

    FabianWar Spinner New Member

    You still selling Dr.Grip.Jap SHAKER metallic ?
  4. chip

    chip Old-Timer

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  5. chip

    chip Old-Timer

    added mods
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  6. chip

    chip Old-Timer

    more mods added
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  7. chip

    chip Old-Timer

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  8. chip

    chip Old-Timer

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  9. Snooze

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  10. Tidus

    Tidus Member

    I cant pm You. ...
  11. Cookiecrumble

    Cookiecrumble New Member

    Can't seem to PM you, but I'm interested!
  12. chip

    chip Old-Timer

    Should be fixed thx
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  13. Hanaro

    Hanaro New Member

  14. chip

    chip Old-Timer

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  15. chip

    chip Old-Timer

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  16. chip

    chip Old-Timer

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  17. chip

    chip Old-Timer

  18. chip

    chip Old-Timer

    i added some more pen
  19. chip

    chip Old-Timer

  20. Zephyr127

    Zephyr127 loli_zefia_teitoku

    think i can trade with pens?

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