DISCLAIMER – Psershop and the copyright issues

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  1. Vôre-Tèx

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    Hey guys, Vôre-Tèx here :)

    It’s been a while I wanted to write something about psershop – aka Oleg, the owner. I am pretty sure you already know his website : he proposes many differents products for, sometimes, cheap prices. This article is about his webstore copyright (I’ll use CR from now) issues. I have tried yesterday (07/12/17) to contact him. I asked him some questions about those CR issues and what he is thinking about it. He only replied me by “tldr”, implies that he doesn’t give a fuck about that. Alright.

    Before you start, I want to say one thing : I do not consider Oleg as one of my competitor through penmods selling. Products he is selling are cheap and sometimes bad quality because using fake parts, while I try as far as I can to use legit parts and make the perfect mod for everyone with a maximum durability. I do not belittle his products. Selling fake, cheap and bad products is a choice (his choice). Spending many hours, days or weeks about conceptualization, thinking and making with the best products and a higher price is a choice (my choice). My customers do not have the same budget as his customers. If you can not afford to spend a certain amount of money for my creations, it’s fine, I guess you can buy at another place. If you consider his products as good, ok. I am not here to judge you, it’s your own choices. I just give you my opinion as a profesionnal penmodder.
    If you are buying cheap lamp from a store, you consider that the quality could not be good and maybe you will have to buy another in fews months. Of course on the reverse way, it’s not because a product is expensive that it’s a good product. A Menowa reimei is pretty expensive but a cheaper mod can be spun better.

    At first, you have to know what kind of selling he is doing : dropshipping. I will quote wikipedia about the definition.

    « Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. As in retail businesses, the majority of retailers make their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price, but some retailers earn an agreed percentage of the sales in commission, paid by the wholesaler to the retailer. » Source

    Now, I am sure you are wondering where he can get all this stuff, since he is doing dropshipping, right ? Oleg buys from Taobao. The biggest Chinese place on the Internet where you can get the things you want for cheap prices. You can find legit products as counterfeit.

    This is the website, in Chinese of course : https://world.taobao.com/

    In this article, I want to talk about three things :

    • 1- : The fact that he does not warn his clients about the quality and the origin of the products he is selling (which are legit products, which are not ?) ;
    • 2- : The fact that majority (maybe all?) of the pictures of his webstore are not from him but from Taobao sellers and even penmodders.
    • 3- : An alternative about psershop : get more choices of products even cheaper. (because he is selling fake parts at price of real parts)

    1- As consumers, we have the right to make the choice to buy real objects or not. Here, we don’t have the choice because Oleg does not warm his customers about that. Since ALL of his products are from Taobao and maybe 75% of them are counterfeit. Even if some of others webstores do that, the most worrisome is from psershop.

    In my opinion, as a seller, you have to respect your customers about this. If you don’t give a fuck about it, either you don’t have the choice to do it because you need money for your survival or you are considered as a fucking pretentious person who sell shitty products in order to buy Apple products of your own pleasure.

    Below is a list of the parts I am sure they are counterfeit. I only help you to know which are counterfeit or not. If you want to buy from there, it’s not my problem. Do what you want in relation of your budget and of your consciousness as a consumer.

    • Caps :
    CT caps
    094 caps
    Comssa caps 1
    Comssa caps 2
    Big emboss caps
    Small emboss caps

    • Tips :
    Faber Castel

    • Backplug
    CYL connector

    • Grips

    • Barrels
    CT DC
    CT DC 2
    ST 2

    • Rings
    Metal rings

    • Mods
    I can not be sure about mods. So I can not say anything about it. But if Oleg does not propose you to make your mods from your own choice colours, your mods are made by Chinese penspinners, maybe from the chinese board : PenSpinnerHome.

    2- If you have checked some of these weblinks above, you should have noticed that some of the background are white and others have differents backgrounds. I don’t want to waste my time about this, but majority (all of them ?) of the pictures he is using are not from him, but from penmodders or Taobao sellers (as I said previously). Here are some example.

    First :



    • The same picture, Oleg removed the logo of the seller.
    Second :



    • The same picture. Oleg cropped the shape of the mod and I can assure you he never tried to contact me about using it.
    Third :


    • From Eno (best taobao seller for penspinning counterfeit) >link<

    • From me on youtube for the name explanation >link<
    • Same shit, no credit. He does not give any credit for the picture. Neither for the name explanation which is from me basically.
    Fourth :

    • NzDC on his other website :penspinning.kz. It’s about the tutorial of NzDC. Originally, pictures used for this tutorial was made by NzDC. You can see on this >website< that there is no logo on the pictures, but someone put “penspinning.kz” on it >here<

    I can spend my whole life to show you all the copyright issues on both of his websites. If you want to check by yourself, you can take a look.

    3- Hey VT, do you have solution about that ?

    Yes I have. If you want to buy cheap penspinning products but not from Oleg, I advise you to use this website :


    This website also do dropshipping, but with something like 10% of fees of the total amount of your purchase. If you buy from Oleg shop, you can’t buy everything on Taobao and plus, his prices will be (sometimes) very expensive. Using Taobao Focus allows you to purchase everywhere on Taobao and for cheaper prices.

    Here is a tutorial on how to order from Taobao Focus : >here<

    Don’t hesitate to share this article around you. Oleg should stop.

    Thanks for reading.


    ( http://voretexpenmodding.fr/disclaimer-psershop-copyright-issues/ )
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  2. Megumin

    Megumin owo what's this

    I Feel pretty bad about this, I ordered from Oleg right before seeing your IG, and regretted it, currently on ship here, bought a Bicycle led Mod, a regular Led Mod, a Metal Comssa with Sailor Grips and a Bictory from there, been shipping for 13 days (shit tracking since last update was on the 28th)
    I regret this choice, sadly for international customers that are buying for the first time most don't know about taobao sellers, like I didn't
    Great thread, also asked you on IG for a Kaoru DC last week since atleast I'll have one quality mod, might take longer and be more expensive, but seems worth it!
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  3. Vôre-Tèx

    Vôre-Tèx Penmods creator

    @Megumin Thank you for your support. I don't forget your request :) I always try to do my best for the community.
    Don't forget I am not the only one who propose penmods for people. There are plenty of others penmodders as well :)
  4. Megumin

    Megumin owo what's this

    Your mods really do seem high quality compared to his, hope to buy multiple times from you xd though I still have little knowledge in mods and which exist
  5. Oleg

    Oleg New Member

    Lol you are so funny!
    Clearly you don't even know what are you talking about.
    Let's see.

    Ha-ha! You are so wrong! I make almost every mod myself besides factory made like zhigao and psh, and every customer can customize it for it's own choice. You call it dropshipping? Read your definition from wiki again.

    Oh Really? Maybe if you stop being lazy and scroll down to product description you will see something like "Factory made copy of %name of the product%"
    Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 18.13.39.png
    It goes to all your lists:
    ALL eh? What makes you so sure? What if it is not ALL? Can I call you A LIAR then?
    How do you calculate your "75%"? LOL. Do you have some sort of secret formula?

    Shitty? Yeah right. I've been making mods for 7-8 years already, got hundreds of good feedback which you can see here and here, so maybe they are not so shitty after all.
    ps. Apple hater triggered! =)

    You never contact me about this picture, nor you put any notion about terms of using it. If you want I can delete it – no problem.

    Haven't cross your mind a thought that maybe Eno himself sent me original photos to use it in my shop? No? Well think again.

    This forum topic was created like 6-7 years ago by kzpsc user, not me. All the pictures which was uploaded on the forum on that time had watermark "penspinning.kz". And btw forum was closed about 2 years ago. But thanks anyway, I've updated the pictures now there is no logo.

    I don't even wanna tell anything about your ad of "taobao focus". Hope your don't get money from them and this is just your recommendation.
    Man just chill alright? You are good pen modder, I admire your work so just keep doing your good mods. And let me do my thing.
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  6. coffeelucky

    coffeelucky pen all-rounder

    I don't know about the copyright law in your country. But basically for international, you can't use any photo without the permission from the owner. So you are the one who have to contact Vore-Tex for using his photo.

    It's your duty to take care for your website to not have any illegal thing including the copyright violating. So I'll say that it's your fault you let those pictures show up in your website. Well you follow my Instagram and I've post about this thing for like a month ago, but maybe you just overlook it. Well, I won't call the way you fixed it is acceptable, as I stated above, you have to contact the owner of the picture BEFORE use it.
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  7. Tchus

    Tchus Old-Timer

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  8. Vôre-Tèx

    Vôre-Tèx Penmods creator

    @Oleg :)
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  9. Neytiiri

    Neytiiri Member

    You know that, to use someone's picture, you have to contact the owner of the picture first ? Even if there's no notion about terms, if it's not written something like "free of use", you just can't use it as you wish.

    A simple search on the Wayback machine
    Check the descriptions of the screenshots

    Airfit tips now
    Airfit now.png

    Airfit tips before (May 25th 2017)
    Airfit 25 May 2017.png

    Anyball grips now

    Anyball now.png

    Anyball grips before (September 16th 2017)
    Anyball 16 September 2017.png

    DrGrip grips now
    DrGrip now.png

    DrGrip grips before (May 3rd 2017)
    Drgrip 3 may 2017.png

    You just tried to hide it now that you are exposed.

    EDIT : You didn't even try to hide this one (yet)
    Pilot G-tec tips now

    Pilot G-tec tips now.png

    Pilot G-tec tips before (April 27th 2017)
    Pilot G-tec tips 27th april 2017.png
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  10. Nz[THPSC]

    Nz[THPSC] New Member

    Use this pic next time pls


    PS. It's sarcasm. Don't take it so serious
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  11. Oleg

    Oleg New Member

    Nope, now I know thanks.
    In your email there is nothing about YOUR photo.
    Why didn't you just tell me something like that: I don't like that my photo is being used in your shop. Take your own or delete it.
    But you start accusing me in being lazy and using one of my suppliers pictures without permission.

    Anyway, thank you all for your cooperation. I've understand many things today.
    Now I'm gonna go and start to edit products description.
  12. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    Do you have proof the Eno gave you permission to use his pictures/parts @Oleg ?
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  13. Vôre-Tèx

    Vôre-Tèx Penmods creator

    Because I have waiting for your reply before talking about my own photo. It goes without saying :) it's called a discussion lol
    edit : plus, you didn't get me the chance to talk about it, so.... sorry not sorry
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  14. Reason

    Reason special man Staff Member Retired Moderator

    Either you're dishonest or you're entirely incompetent, either way, this will and SHOULD affect your business.

    @Vôre-Tèx thank you for bringing this to the light of day.
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  15. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    Okay, I'm a little confused now.
    Why would we pay for things we can get for free? Those inserts are not at all hard to find and all they require is a quick google search or a few minutes going through an old insert gallery. I guess I just don't understand why you would sell these inserts, especially since they aren't yours at all. You're profiting off of the work of others. Take a look at @gunter , who sells his inserts, but only because he handmakes them and puts a lot of effort into making what he's been requested to make. All you've done is save an image and put it in a zipped file.
    About the mod tutorials, why would we need video versions of those to buy? YouTube Red exists, and so does YT to MP4. Buying tutorials seems ridiculous to me, and rather pointless, since they're already out there for people to use. Sure, you put effort into the videos, but not enough to warrant selling them when others can find similar tutorials for free.
    EDIT: did you even ask permission to reupload this video?

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UIFMmqDuTx0&feature=youtu.be

    For that matter, did you even need to reupload it in the first place?
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  16. coffeelucky

    coffeelucky pen all-rounder

    So you don't know any shit about copyright law, and still hosting a website and selling goods online lol. Please this is 2017, not 1997.

    Oh hey just saw this, http://psershop.com/shop/643/desc/100-pen-spinning-tricks-tutorials-psh
    Wow you aren't selling only pen modding tutorials but also pen spinning tutorials too. Not sure if you already ask PSH for the permission or not. But knowing you don't know any shit about copyright, I assume no permission giving to you.
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  17. Taeko

    Taeko Old-Timer

  18. Wobster

    Wobster Old-Timer

    This is why I still visit upsb.
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  19. Oleg

    Oleg New Member

    Description notion about copies of ps parts – fixed.
    NZDC mod tutorial photos – fixed.
    Photo of voretex emboss mod deleted.
    PSH tutorials download now free.
    Instert base now free.
    About my penmodding tuts – they in original quality and some people want it to dowload it all at ones so I will keep it. And youtube red is not available in many countries including mine.
    About the video re-upload – i just added russians subtitles cuz many of russian spinners asked me to do so. I've tried to contact him but he didn't reply. Anyway I don't make any money off this video but the "Audio Network plc" does. And I credit him in the description.

    Thank you all for your cooperation.
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  20. Taeko

    Taeko Old-Timer

    Thanks for your understanding =)

    Keep fun, Keep spinning'
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