Easy Flashy/Useful tricks for beginner/intermediate

Discussion in 'Advanced Tricks' started by Aeoluz, Feb 7, 2018.

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    My combos are probably the most boring thing in the world. They only comprise of sonics, then TA. Well what do we have here! Another sonic!!!

    Any easy-to-learn spicy tricks that makes me look like a pro?
  2. Green Caffeine

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    Flashy tricks (which are probably over-used, which possibly causes some spinners to say they aren't flashy) that aren't terribly difficult could include Swivel, Lever Trick, Powerpass, and [Scissor Spin > FL TA]. You could try checking out Tigres' Simple Linkage Series for varied linkages that are presented right in front of your eyes and aren't super difficult (but still require practice). Also using simple tricks in creative ways could look flashy (don't know how much mileage you will get out of them though).

    Also if you are only doing TAs and Sonics at the moment, you could try incorporating Shadows, Baks, and Passes before anything else, if you want.

    Example of Finger Switch (a simple trick) used in flashy way:

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcHdXZvZQV4
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    Fl pinky around is cool and isn’t too bad to learn

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