Escaping the Brutal Cycle of Sonics and Passes

Discussion in 'Linkages & Combos' started by Inev, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Inev

    Inev meme academic uwu

    I'm feeling really restricted by sonics and passes being the primary method of moving throughout my fingers, I'm looking to see if there is any method of creating fluent and circular combos without abusing sonics and passes that does not involve exclusively using arounds, because they feel rather limited (or maybe I'm just dumb)

    Thanks in advance
  2. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    You could try stylish Fingerswitch slot transfers. There was one spinner who based their combo off of Fingerswitches and it looked pretty exotic. They kinda just waved their hand out and in really fast to kinda hop the pen from slot 23 to 12 and stuff like that. Not sure who though maybe someone knows which combo I'm talking about and can post the video.

    EDIT: I realized that I forgot that you wanted a method that produces circular combos, so I don't think this Fingerswitch technique is what you are looking for.
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  3. Hiato

    Hiato Member

    Ohyeah! spinfest 2016 I believe :-)


    Looks interesting, and surely creative, but also weird at the same time. But hey, it´s something!
    Definitely not the first thing I would recommend somebody asking this type of question though.
    I know the struggle Inev. Look at older combos from spinners you like, learn the combos they were using when they were around your skill level, sit on your bed and think about different types of tricks and how to combine them with what you already know. REALLY hard - and you will come up with something. (I hope)
  4. Rodi

    Rodi Member

    Use aerials and power tricks.
  5. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker


    you answered yourself .-.
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  6. Kumuwu

    Kumuwu Member

    you could use palm spins, devils shadows, neobaks, aerials, and sonic variations to add variety so your sonics look more creative.
  7. OhYeaH!

    OhYeaH! Member

    First, thanks for suggesting my combo :)

    I dont think pass and sonic is a bad move. For me, I break the concept of these two trick :
    pass = pen move to another slot with tip side change,
    sonic = pen move to another slot without tip side change.

    Think creatively
    1. Movement of pen can be on both backhand side (normal) and palm side (inverse) and we always have reverse version of every trick.
    2. Charge : for simple version, we have normal-reverse or clockwise-counter clockwise charge. for advance version, there are tipped charge(non-rotate charge), use whole hand to charge, i-o charge. Note that you can execute charge before or after the tricks. This will make pass become twist sonic, and also create moonwalk variations.
    3. Hand position : palm up, palm down, palm side. And you can always change hand position while pen is moving.
    4. Finger position : bend finger, streching finger. Applied to both fingers that contact the pen and fingers that aren't used. This will create different feeling and affect the style.
    5. Pen catching position : middle of the pen, near the middle, and tip of the pen which we considered as wiper. To change the position during the tricks, seasick is really useful.
    6. Dynamic : sometimes pausing with the right time or suddenly speed up can create good result.

    And there are lots more way to make it looks differently. You may inventany new tricks. Like what I did in SpinFest, I just try to do inverse sonic in different way.

    With just all of these, only one slot movement you will easily have at least 20 ways to pass or sonic.
    So, just 2 slot movement you can have 400 variations.
    Then applied to all possible slot you can do. You won't be able to count them.

    Other trick than pass and sonic, I recommend power pass (just one slot movement is enough), tipped sonic variations, and fingerswitch.

    Hope this can help you :)
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  8. Rodi

    Rodi Member

    Thank you very much, OhYeah! The spinner I look up to. lol

    I never knew about dynamics but can we discuss about it a little more in-depth? This seems to make some spinners appeal really well, namely "OhYeah!", I saw your combo on spinfest 2016 and I was impressed. I know it was very simple but it looks very nice, I can do it and even if i do, I cannot get your flair.

    So, I am asking if we could discuss the "dynamics", whether there are further classifications or special elements.
  9. OhYeaH!

    OhYeaH! Member

    I'm also not sure if they can be classified. Spinning Dynamics are very sophisicated and up to personal style which take years to develope. Most of the time, I think they are done by instinct.
    And camera angle does help the appealing too.

    I'm not expert at naming tricks. You can create new thread and let others discuss about it.
    For me, I can just make video and create something new.
  10. Awesome

    Awesome Member

    If you want diversity in your spinning you have to learn tricks from all the families. Learning arounds will help you out with that, you should also incorporate top spins like shadows or mid bak 1.5s. If you make a combo with a good sonic/pass linkage that goes into some arounds then has a top spin into a good finisher you can come up with different combos just by learning one new trick/mini-combo.

    If you are already at that level try learning those tricks in reverse and make a combo that has a long "normal" direction sequence then do a reverse sequence.

  11. m1ch1

    m1ch1 Retired Maid Staff Member Retired Moderator

    There are many variations that you can do with sonics and passes. Take a look at Iroziro. He does awesome stuff that uses mostly sonics, passes and around variation doesn't look that difficult and creative when you look at it for the first time, but when you pay attention to all the stuff and watch the slowmo you think: how tfw is he doing that with an mx?.
    I used to have a phase when i thought exact kinda the same, but pay more attetion to the link that seem "simple" becaue many times they are more complex or have some variation that you haven't thought of.
    edit: raimo baks are also good to learn if you like baks.
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