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    Hey UPSB! I'm Niruin, but you can call me Niru, or N if you're feeling weird, or literally anything else top kek

    I've been into penspinning for about three weeks so I'm a complete noob, I'm brushing up fingerpass but other than that I've mastered the rest of the fundies + twisted sonic.

    I think I'll become the meme of UPSB if I tell you guys that I'm learning tricks with two Crayola markers connected together, but then again I'm pretty much a living meme, so laugh away bc I'm literally too poor to afford anything else *cough*

    I got into penspinning a while back, I thought it looked cool but learning never crossed my mind until quite recently. A guy in my class kind of liked it, one day in class I looked across the room and he was spinning his pencil and I was like "woahhh" and he saw me speedcubing and he too was like "whoahhh" and we decided to teach each other, he taught me the two tricks he knew (thumbaround and twisted sonic) and I taught him to solve a 3x3x3 cube (he isn't really getting it lol). After that I decided it was pretty fun, and I researched a bit and got started.

    Okay, speedcubing. I could go on for hours on how cool it is and why it's fun, but in a nutshell I'm not bad at it.
    Here are my stats:
    -Averaging sub-27 seconds
    -Personal best 16.67 seconds
    -Method is CFOP
    -F2L lookahead is terrible aaaaaaaa pls halp
    -Currently learning full OLL, getting by with 2look PLL + a few random ones I know
    -Main is Weilong GTS2M (dabbling in Valk 3 Power but imo it isn't that good)
    -Started cubing December 14, 2017

    Other than that, I'm just your typical Asian nerd.

    I'm pretty excited to learn penspinning, hope I can get something great out of this board!

  2. Security

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    don’t worry, our resident modder chaos used two sharpie highlighters connected at the cap and back as a mod once, being too broke too afford mods is fine ^^
    hope you stick around!
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    Don't worry about being broke as Security said, I used Pilot G2 pens I had lying around for learning tricks before making a Bictory mod.
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