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Discussion in 'Regular Pen Discussion' started by loginirl, Jan 27, 2017.

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    I really like my Zebra F-301 0.7mm fine point pen, but it suuuuucks at spinning. Are there any pens that can spin relatively well and write with a nice fine tip point?
  2. PancakeReaper

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    Just make a M-301 X mod.
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    MX is .7mm.
  4. shadrcom3t

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    There aren't that many good single pens out there for spinning, even less fine tip pens. RSVP or G2 with clips removed would probably be your best bets tbh.

    There used to be a mod that's essentially a pen version of the M301x. In short, you take 2 F301's (2 barrels+2plastic grips+1 tip+1 clicker mechanism), sand down one of the plastic grips and shove it into the barrel (hard part), take an inktube to extend the inktube into the click mechanism, and put them together. The tut is gone from youtube and used to be on UPSB v3. If you're interested in that (so you don't have to buy more pens) look at how to make an M301x and go from there.

    Edit: Here's an M-301 X tut, which is similar to the F-301 X:
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