from JPN, trade / sell [Watercolor, Dr.KT, Muji Reimei, Sailor, others]

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    Hi, here I will trade / sale you some rare / discontinued / common pens!

    *Metal tipped G3 (smoked body)
    *Other mods / no mods; feel free to suggest to me what you recommend!


    Pictures: (1. ~ 11. below) and (12. ~ 15. below)

    *You can get some discount if you buy some stuffs at the same time! Ex.) 2 Dr.Grips for $18.
    *Please tell me via PM if you want to be discounted because you think prices labeled here are too expensive. Then I sometimes give you some discount. :D

    Popular Japanese pens:
    1. [$25 each] Lostex comssa "Legend" / "Colors" (discontinued): made by Japanese professional spinner Lost
    2. [$50 each] old seven watercolor mod (multi colors) / Kid's March barrel ver. (You can see how they're almost the same in the URL above.)
    3. [$180] Kid's March PACK (discontinued years and years ago)
    4. [$40 each] Disney Keityo sub. (for POTATOMAN (now imogai) DC and etc.?; discontinued and very hard to find)
    5. [$20 each] Ballsign mod / BSPC (Ballsign x Playcolor) LIMITED DESIGN: Sailor moon x My melody collab.
    6. [$10 each] Ballsign no mod of the limited design; $60 for 7 colors set!
    7. [$5 each] OLD TYPE Keityo (discontinued); [$10 each] OLD TYPE Dr.Grip
    8. [$35 each] Dr.CT with some cute Japanese Anime girls' or mathematics outsert! They come from Anime, Game, Vocaloid, etc. Though some of the Dr.CTs don't have grips and tips in the picture, they'll have those indispensable parts when it comes to sending time!
    9. [$30 each] M&M no mod (You can't choose colors. I can get more of them for higher price from some Japanese penspinners.)
    10. [$30] Playcolor2 fluorescence all 5 colors set! (discontinued years and years ago)

    Popular / famous Japanese mods:
    11. [$45] HAL Purple M&M KT; [$30] Purple watercolor KT
    12. [$85] Menowa* Reimei (You probably think it's overprice, but actually we need more than $60 just to get the parts.)

    13. [$35 each] colored seven watercolor mod
    14. [$30 each] Dr.KT / Dr.CT
    15. [$45 each] M&M KT
    16. [$25] Ballsign CT (Hello Kitty version)

    17. And so many (Japanese) no mods / mods (ex. Color twins, Plastic G3s, comssa, rsvp, famous spinners' mod and so on ...)

    *Please PM or e-mail me if you interested, with the information about how many and what color you want, and how to pay money to me (PayPal will be preferable).

    *I have only +2 in JEB now, but I had over +140 in old JEB.

    *My e-mail: monami70m [AT MARK]
    *My twitter: monat_stern (please follow me :yo:)

    *Please do not reply to this thread.

    Best regards. :cool:
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    Updated: decided to give you a discount :applaud:
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    Updated! Cheapest seven watercolor mod and M&M KT!!
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