from JPN, trade / sell [Watercolor, Dr.KT, Muji Reimei, Sailor, others]

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    Hi, here I will trade / sale you some rare / common pens!

    *Metal tipped G3
    *Other mods / no mods; feel free to suggest to me what you recommend!



    *You can get some discount if you buy some stuffs at the same time! Ex.) 2 Dr.Grips for $18.
    *Please tell me via PM if you want to be discounted because you think prices labeled by me are too expensive. Then I sometimes give you some discount.

    1. [*1] [$40 each] old seven watercolor mod (multi colors)
    2. [*2] [$30 each] colored seven watercolor mod
    3. [*3] [$25 each] Dr.KT / Dr.CT
    4. [*4] [$40 each] M&M KT
    5. [*5] [$20] Ballsign CT (Hello Kitty version)

    No mods:
    6. [*6] [$10 each] Muji Reimei body SOLD
    7. [*7] [$5 each] Highlighter
    8. [*8] [$2 each] Sailor
    9. [*9] [$10 each] Dr.Grip old shaker type
    10. [*10] [$8 each] Alpha gel old shaker type

    11. And so many (Japanese) no mods (ex. Color twins, Plastic G3s, comssa, rsvp and so on ...)
    12. And so many (Japanese) mods (ex. Famous spinners' mods)
    --> Please tell me what you want then I will be eager to get / make them!

    [*1] We spinners in Japan have more and more difficulties to get them even here...
    [*2] I can make with other colors so if you want them please ask me!
    [*3] Gray barrel Keityo seems to be discontinued recently. The model has changed to black barrel, seen as a picture of KTs.
    [*4] Authentic M&M body. Caps are sometimes color twin's but if you want M&M's caps please ask me!
    [*5] Pretty cute!

    [*6] For Menowa* mod. Sorry but basically you can't choose the color. If you have some request for the color please ask me!
    [*7] Basically you want 1 Highlighter and 1 or 2 Muji Reimei body (bodies).
    [*8] Sailors have come back!
    [*9, 10] It is difficult for even us in Japan to get them recently.

    *Please PM or e-mail me if you interested, with the information about how many and what color you want, and how to pay money to me (PayPal will be preferable).

    *I have only +2 in JEB now, but I had over +140 in old JEB.

    *My e-mail: monami70m [AT MARK]
    *My twitter: monat_stern (please follow me :yo:)

    *Please do not reply to this thread.

    Best regards. :cool:
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    Updated: decided to give you a discount :applaud:
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    Updated! Cheapest seven watercolor mod and M&M KT!!

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