Battle Fukuzawa vs dux

Discussion in 'Battlezone' started by Fukuzawa, Nov 23, 2017.


Kyo vs dux

Poll closed Dec 4, 2017.
  1. Kyo

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  2. Dux

  1. Fukuzawa

    Fukuzawa New Member

    U know the rules... don’t bully one year plox
  2. dux

    dux Member

    I'll battle you. When would you like the video?
  3. Fukuzawa

    Fukuzawa New Member

    In 3 days
  4. Fukuzawa

    Fukuzawa New Member

  5. dux

    dux Member

  6. Security

    Security Irresponsible Mall Santa Security Guard

    I swear to god if Fukuzawa filmed vertically I'm going to fuck myself in the ass with my own dick.

    EDIT: I didn't know Fukuzawa was Kyo orz
    EDIT 2: Okay so both were pretty good, @dux work on exec, clean up your angle, and don't do as many wipers
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  7. Bitpen

    Bitpen Not a weeb

    @Fukuzawa i can't see your instagram video, it says its not found
  8. Fukuzawa

    Fukuzawa New Member

    Yea uh, I think smth went wrong with my insta sry bout that

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