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Discussion in 'Shoutbox / Chatroom' started by shoeman6, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Instinct

    Instinct Old-Timer

    you changed something, i know it didn't say google before
    i was there when it happened
  2. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    So was I, and I didn't change anything

    1. [​IMG] 8:53 AM - Tigres:
      actually that was my homie back in the states
    2. [​IMG] 8:53 AM - Tigres:
      i can imagine a black person saying "i may have a C but I got a bigger dick than you"
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  3. Instinct

    Instinct Old-Timer

    1. [​IMG] 8:06 PM - Awesome:
      but thats why its so fun...
    2. [​IMG] 8:06 PM - Instinct:
      i mean ofc you would if it looks like you're masturbating
    3. [​IMG] 8:05 PM - Awesome:
      Expect I get kicked out of class when I do it there :(
    4. [​IMG] 8:05 PM - Instinct:
    5. [​IMG] 8:05 PM - Awesome:
      I like spinning my penis I find thats easier and more entertaining. Maybe I can spin pens one day
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  4. Saltient

    Saltient Member

    1. [​IMG] 5:55 AM - Saltient:
      I cant even bend my pinky for pinky ss
    2. [​IMG] 5:57 AM - i.suk: somehow i feel smug that guy who can do heaps of fc from natural flexibility that i can never do, can't do pinky ss which i can do many variations of
  5. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    1. [​IMG] 10:58 AM - Law:
    2. [​IMG] 10:58 AM - chip:
      don't you fucking say it law
    3. [​IMG] 10:58 AM - Security:
      ay law
    4. [​IMG] 10:58 AM - Law:

    1. [​IMG] 1:16 PM - Law:
      I've seen weird fetish convos here a bunch.
    2. [​IMG] 1:15 PM - Hobby:
      ok dude, in no way did that have to end up you telling us what you're into tho
    3. [​IMG] 1:15 PM - m1ch1:
      i just do it sometimes for fun and i am not trans
    4. [​IMG] 1:15 PM - Law:
      Nah, I was just following the flow of the conversation.
    5. [​IMG] 1:15 PM - m1ch1:
      wait wut
    6. [​IMG] 1:15 PM - Hobby:
      so you're saying you're attracted to m1ch1
    7. [​IMG] 1:14 PM - Law:
      Plus if they're actually trans I don't have to feel gay about it.
    8. [​IMG] 1:14 PM - Law:
      It's my fetish TBH.
    9. [​IMG] 1:12 PM - nexus:
      most kawaii ladyboy on upsb
    10. [​IMG] 1:11 PM - Law:
      Or was that someone else?
    11. [​IMG] 1:11 PM - Law:
      Don't you dress up as a chick M1ch1?
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  6. Instinct

    Instinct Old-Timer

    1. [​IMG] 5:59 PM - Instinct:
    2. [​IMG] 5:59 PM - Snooze:
      dont fuckin lmao me asshat
    3. [​IMG] 5:58 PM - Instinct:

    1. [​IMG] 8:41 AM - Instinct:
      well that guy had perfect angle, perfect input, and perfect timing. goddamnit
    2. [​IMG] 8:40 AM - Sir Jasmin:
      well that's impossible to be pulled off in a real game though, it requires perfect angle, perfect input and perfect timing. goddamnit.
    3. [​IMG] 8:39 AM - Instinct:
      apparently not
    4. [​IMG] 8:38 AM - Sir Jasmin:
      the fuck is 999 DM.. holy shit. I thought that was impossible.
    5. [​IMG] 8:37 AM - Instinct:
      ayy lmao
    6. [​IMG] 8:36 AM - Sir Jasmin:
      what the fuck...
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  7. strat1227

    strat1227 Retired Moderator Staff Member Retired Moderator

    1. [​IMG] 11:43 AM - Instinct:
    2. [​IMG] 7:35 AM - Shiro:
      nexus you always sound like you've been on drugs
    3. [​IMG] 7:25 AM - nexus:
      that's a hotdog, idiot, how do you not know what a hotdog is
    4. [​IMG] 7:24 AM - nexus:
      what the fuck is that?
    5. [​IMG] 7:24 AM - nexus:
      people are gonna come in my room and be like
    6. [​IMG] 7:24 AM - nexus: this one
    7. [​IMG] 7:23 AM - Shiro:
    8. [​IMG] 7:23 AM - nexus:
      i'm gonna frame it and put it on my wall
    9. [​IMG] 7:23 AM - nexus: i just bought a picture of a hot dog
    10. [​IMG] 7:08 AM - nexus:
      do i look like i know what a jpeg is? i just want a picture of a god dang hotdog
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  8. FireLord127

    FireLord127 Member

    1. [​IMG] 12:03 PM - FireLord127:
      Lol just looked it up he is right
    2. [​IMG] 11:30 AM - m1ch1:
      it is actually rule 30
    3. [​IMG] 9:33 AM - Nyx:
    4. [​IMG] 8:42 AM - popte:
      thats like rule #1 of the internet
    5. [​IMG] 8:42 AM - popte:
      everyone is a male until they aren't

    1. [​IMG] 8:41 PM - Instinct: xd
    2. [​IMG] 8:39 PM - FireLord127:
      I just realized that my messages over likes makes 9/11. Not sure if to laugh or not.
    3. [​IMG] 8:38 PM - FireLord127:
    edit 2 lol gonna have a million edits
    1. [​IMG] 9:05 PM - Adzerdobie: well played
    2. [​IMG] 9:05 PM - FireLord127: sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
    3. [​IMG] 9:04 PM - popte: banned
    4. [​IMG] 9:03 PM - FireLord127: o sheet I just relised I double posted on a thread. Admins be gentle.
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  9. FireLord127

    FireLord127 Member

    1. [​IMG] 3:33 PM - i.suk:
      lol, thought of 'hard minicombo 2' as variation of gpl r3 stuff while taking dump
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  10. Bitpen

    Bitpen S H I T P O S T E R

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  11. Inev

    Inev meme academic uwu

    that isn't necessarily trolling, actually - traditionally the intent is to solicit a reaction but mango was kinda on his own; if you consider repeating the same phrase repeatedly then you've got a trash conception of trolling smh
  12. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    Tbh that's what class is usually like
  13. Bitpen

    Bitpen S H I T P O S T E R

    Yeah no trolling, but my intent was to trigger him
  14. Shiro

    Shiro Old-Timer

    and in the process made yourself look more retarded than you already have
  15. Reason

    Reason special man Staff Member Retired Moderator

    9:14 AM - nexus: i'm not good with math but i'd probably let a dude blow me and maybe maybe i'd fuck a dude
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  16. mango

    mango rasengan Staff Member Beta-Moderator

    -jews baaron
  17. Syzyf

    Syzyf Old-Timer

    1. [​IMG] 9:16 PM - Security:
      Hey if you're really that much of a pussy, and she's lesbian, you might have a chance
    2. [​IMG] 9:15 PM - Reason:
      at least i was too much of a pussy to find out by asking her out
    3. [​IMG] 9:14 PM - Reason:
      the warning signs were there.
    4. [​IMG] 9:11 PM - m1ch1:
    5. [​IMG] 9:10 PM - Reason:
      found out the girl ive been crushing on is a lesbian
  18. Syzyf

    Syzyf Old-Timer

  19. Reason

    Reason special man Staff Member Retired Moderator

  20. shadrcom3t

    shadrcom3t Old-Timer

    read bottom up (obv)


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