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Discussion in 'Regular Pen Discussion' started by Aeoluz, May 20, 2017.

  1. Aeoluz

    Aeoluz Old-Timer

    Hi guys, if any of you have ever bought anything from, please give a review, good things and bad things about the site, quality of pens etc. Im wondering about the legitimacy of the site, and my parents are as well, as im making quite a big order. Thanks in advance!
  2. shadrcom3t

    shadrcom3t Old-Timer

    pretty fast shipping (to the USA), good quality pens (I got Watercolors and they're definitely in pristine condition), pretty resonable prices. definitely good for stuff that's hard to find.

    I would definitely order again one day (if I didn't have to pay for shipping, but the shipping prices are pretty resonable imo)
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  3. m1ch1

    m1ch1 - Staff Member Retired Moderator

    i am from germany so shipping was cheap compared to pw and < 1 week. quality is good.
    bought some watercolors and sunburst when they were on sale. would definitely buy stuff there again
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  4. Basileus_Ita

    Basileus_Ita Member

    I made an order a couple of weeks ago, i bough:

    2 green rsvps
    1 green hgg
    1 comssa + second white cap
    2 bic round stic

    I dont know much about counterfeit parts but all of them seem original and very good quality.

    The package arrived in time, no problems.

    The prices are quite good, the selection of parts is very good, but there isnt much in stock. There is written "if a product is missing, just send an email specifying how many of them you want" but i havent actually tried asking.

    The prices are specified only in polish currency which is kinda annoying, but on the right there is a handy converter.

    You have to manually select the type of shipping which is worrisome. I chose carefully to avoid trouble and everything went smoothly, but i would prefer a way to automatically select the right shipping without the risk of human error.

    The site is well organized and very easy to browse.

    The product descriptions are in polish only, which is problematic when buying parts and not whole pens. If im buying a single grip i want to know if it is a reproduction or original. Still, Google Translate is good enough.


    If i need to buy pens, ill definitely do it through pensfactory. The service, while not flawless, provides great value.

    + Good Prices
    + Quality products
    + Large selection
    + Good shipping time

    - It doesnt automatically select the right shipping option leaving room for human error
    - The site isnt 100% translated in english
  5. Vôre-Tèx

    Vôre-Tèx Penmods creator

    @Basileus_Ita I can confirm that your order is fully of legit parts.
  6. Nyx

    Nyx Old-Timer

    Do they accept paypal payment?
  7. shadrcom3t

    shadrcom3t Old-Timer

  8. Ketain

    Ketain New Member

    Ordered few times, fast shipping, good quality, reasonable prices.
    Also receiving parts on gathering is convenient if you live in Poland ;)
  9. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    Only ordered from PF once but it was great (not perfect) service. Only con was that the white AnyBall grip substitutes I ordered were packaged directly next to a purple Super Pirat sub, so the grips got purple marks where they were touching. Not a big deal though; I'm sure it was due to simply not knowing that would happen, rather than straight up negligence. All in all great service

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