hands muscle too big ???

Discussion in 'Hand Care' started by h2o, Aug 22, 2018.

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    Does it happened to one of you before ? this part of my hand (the part in the red circle on the image) hurt when i spin or when I try to touch my thumb and my pinky. It's also happenning when I snap with my middle finger for a extended period of time. what should I do ? main.jpg
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    Is it muscle, tendon, or joint pain? In any case it probs mean you need to rest for a couple days. Could be you just over flex that area and need to relax it more when spinning, or perhaps it is the start of something more serious.

    When I played Piano Tiles a lot a few years ago I got sore thumb joints. It would get flare up when I did thumb arounds and text messaged people. Started to think I gave myself minor arthritis by wearing down my thumb cartilage, but the soreness overall went away after a month or so of not playing. If I do a lot of Thumb Around Harmonic that area you pointed out does start to get sore, but I think its unrelated to the Piano Tiles issue. It seems to simply be muscle pain from repeated flexing of that area during Thumb Arounds. btw not a doctor

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