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Discussion in 'Advanced Tricks' started by Timel3ss, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Timel3ss

    Timel3ss Member

    I learned bust x2, i got it mastered. But I want to learn multiple bust, so when u do it, you keep on going with the busts right?
  2. Instinct

    Instinct Old-Timer

    Yep, just keep on doing a bust forever and ever and ever...
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  3. TheArker

    TheArker Old-Timer

  4. mango

    mango gay

    if you can't do them its honestly fine some are shittier then others when it comes to continuous tricks like me lol
  5. Yaiya

    Yaiya Member

  6. Matplotlib

    Matplotlib New Member

    I liked the video Yaiya (especially the Poké-music <3)
    I have an issue with that trick too : I can do up to three/four, but then the mod slows down and no matter how I push it, it just falls off my hand... Did someone ever have this problem ?
  7. Fyn

    Fyn New Member

    Check the weight of your pen, is it a comssa or a buster? Xd
  8. Kenseii

    Kenseii Old-Timer

    not really, ppl do it with other pens, like i did 3 with flying panda, not very heavy
  9. Fyn

    Fyn New Member

    When learning powertricks, heavier is easier because it has more momentum, but if you already master multi busting, then you can use just about anything to do it.
  10. Timel3ss

    Timel3ss Member

    I mean, after watching that vid Yaiya provided, i was able to do 5x bust with my personal rsvp with no tips, and that felt like a minwoo mod to me.
  11. Bitpen

    Bitpen S H I T P O S T E R

    What the....
  12. If you're skilled, you could do multiple busts using any pen/mod lol

    Keep it going :D
  13. Timel3ss

    Timel3ss Member

    i can do busts with a g3 if i wanted to
  14. Buster cyl

    Buster cyl New Member

    Thks guys helped alot :-).Really helpful now I can do 3-5 bust but progressing to 6 and onwards. THKS
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