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    Hey UPSB! Been lurking this board for a while, but never actually created an account until now. I've been spinning for around 2 - 3 months and I'm still pretty bad lol. I've learnt a bunch of tricks such as the fundamentals and its reverses, baks and some variations, a few sonic variations, shadows, the most basic arounds, and some other stuff.
    I can kinda link between them decently but I can't create any linkages myself, most of my links are copied from somewhere like sls or some random linkage tutorials on youtube.
    I can't really do any power except for like ta or bust x 3 or like a single haitua. I wanna be half decent at power because i.suk is me fav spinner and a top quality individual (pls notice meh senpai)
    I'll try to be fairly active on here and record some combos or something sometimes.
    Hopefully I can meet some top quality people here and be a decent spinner, you all seem like very nice people.
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    Welcome aboard Myriad :D
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