How do people around you perceive psing?

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    PERSIST Member

    I have alot of, well, all my friends, actually, strongly disapprove of me psing. They're all into boring stuff like band or school news which strikes me as hilariously boring, but they all call me a loser for spending so much time practicing. This is all obviously differences in interests, but what do your friends/family think of psing?
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  2. TH[O]RN

    TH[O]RN Member

    My parents are fine with it, however they don't really like that I spend so much money on mods.
    My friends were annoyed when I first started (I was dropping it all the time), but nowadays I can impress them with my spinning. They like taking my mods though, which I find annoying.
    Reactions from strangers are mixed and go from "Wow, that's awesome, how do you do that?" to "You seriously have no life".
  3. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    for the most part no one really cares, not even the teachers, which makes it easier on my part since I dont have to get asked annoying questions and I can continue on with my own life and stuff (which I dont particularly have but whatever). Once in a while people might look at my psing and say wow that's cool or something like that and the usually reactions "how do you do that?" ," can you show me", " why do you keep a pen that doesn't write?" I enjoy a bit of attention once in a while but it gets pretty annoying. I have these friends that always take my stuff, particularly my cards and pens unfortunately. Theres also people who would try to ps but always do this messed up finger pass with all these wavy motions which Im assuming is common for everyone. Otherwise at my school I can pretty much ps in peace without anyone caring
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  4. Reason

    Reason special man Staff Member Retired Moderator

    my parents think its cool, but they dont think its a good way to spend time and money (i'm in agreement with them at this point)
    people at my college think its pretty cool and there are a lot of people who ask me to teach them. it kinda has me labeled as "the guy who spins pens" since there are no other spinners there. most people dont care but i get some people and most friends that enjoy it, which is the best you can ask for imo. i can imagine it doesnt really look good in more professional settings though.
    @PERSIST as for what you say about your friends disapproval, if you enjoy it then it shouldnt really matter. your friends' interests differ from yours and you cant ask for them to like pen spinning if they dont. yall just have your own opinions. enjoy what you enjoy for the sake of yourself, not for the sake of others. dont let a bro harsh your mellow.
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  5. Peng15

    Peng15 Lvl 23 pen spinner

    friends find it cool when i do it but they tend to lose interest after i show them a youtube video.
    Friends: Dude, How daya do dat?
    Peng: Magic!
    Friends: Let's me try! or Stares.. ... . or Seriously, how da ya do that?
    Peng: Brings up Menowa's solo on youtube.
    Friends: Watch for 1 min lose interest then leaves


    Peng: Here this is how you do it.
    Friends: OMG PENG I JUST DID IT. (They didn't actually do it)
    Peng: OH Yeah~! You . . Wow almost perfect! (Far from it)
    Peng: If you just do that, it'll be perfect.
    Friends: (Do it 1-10 more times) Wow, I can't do it. (Lose interest and leaves)
    Friend #2 does it etc. . .

    Everyone always lose interest after i try to show them how Gods do it on youtube.
    They tend to stay when I pretend to teach them and tell them they are great.

    My dad gets mad when i drop. I imagine everyone is this way too. Since i drop it on wood table, floor, tiles, etc. Loud noise.
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    PERSIST Member

    @Reason yeah its kind of annoying how they are always trying to hook me into school programs that im not interested in, and so they say that i have no life and that i do nothing outside of school =/ But yeah, most psers kind of have to deal with that factor of being different from the mainstream band geeks, athletes, skaters, etc.
  7. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    lol I totally see you point, I have like all these weird interests that no one does and Im like the only one who is not into what people are into today (gaming, sports, social life/dating/media, etc...) but if your that kind of person to show off than its easier that way cause it makes you the only one who can do this cool thing with a pen.
  8. DoeLarh

    DoeLarh Disappointment

    Mom hates it. Dad doesn't hate it

    I have no frens

    I have no money
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  9. BoM

    BoM Member

    At first, everyone thought that it was cool. But a few weeks later, they got bored xDD
  10. OPdelivers

    OPdelivers Old-Timer

    A mixture of interest and mocking.
  11. Thomo_

    Thomo_ New Member

    "Of course you can do that, you're Asian."
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  12. Genji

    Genji Old-Timer

    *spins in public*
    *gets disapproving stares from strangers*
  13. CompoundInterest

    CompoundInterest New Member

    They are surprisingly unimpressed. I mean, I think if I didn't know about penspinning and saw someone doing what I am doing, I would be absolutely stunned. I mean I often sit in awe myself at what my own fingers are able to do with such ease. It kinda unnatural. It is totally disconnected from my ordinary level of dexterity.

    But very rarely do anyone around me show any interest in what I am doing. They seem like they see stuff like that all the time. I guess people around me are just much less easily impressed than I am.
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  14. Van

    Van Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    probably depends on how good you are
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  15. Peng15

    Peng15 Lvl 23 pen spinner

    I think it depends on style

    powertrickers spam power Gets most likes
    1p2h 2p2h etc really cool
    high amount of revolutions
    10.0 palm spin
    3.0 index spin
    5.o thumbspin
  16. Keirun

    Keirun Member

    People never notice me penspinning, my friends go "how'd you do that at a thumbaround, but it takes them 15 minutes to notice anyway, they dont seem too impressed, and "oh cool" is the best i can get out of most of them, then someone took my mod before and started taking the caps off my inverse comssa to see how well it writes, they facepalmed when i told them it doesnt write.
  17. Anemia


    When I was in highschool, I had this one specific teacher who was just blown away by my abilities. I wasn't even that great at the time, but man did she think I was.

    She would always ask "Are you a professional?", and she would literally stop class, and let everyone watch me spin.

    I went to an extremely ghetto school here in Cleveland, and she was constantly promoting my spinning as an example of how hobbies could potentially keep students off of the streets.

    It was pretty great, because people always thought that it was lame as hell.. but they would make fun of her instead of me, because I continuously acted nonchalant about the whole thing. I hardly said anything about it, and I would just spin all of the time regardless.
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  18. shawkie

    shawkie Old-Timer

    @Anemia Thats pretty sweet! all of my teachers hate how we spin in class... none of them has asked us to stop spinning, but they never give up a chance to tell us how silly we are when we spin. Its their fault I guess, they cant make the subject interesting enough to put down my pen.
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  19. kuro

    kuro bringer of death


    I dare you to diss your teacher like that hahaha,
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  20. Ginxxy

    Ginxxy Member

    omg that would be awesome

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