How do people around you perceive psing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PERSIST, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Genji

    Genji Old-Timer

    I've done it once, got a detention for it lolol, but worth it
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  2. Aubree

    Aubree New Member

    At first it was sort of a "yeah that's cool" when I was doing a ta with a pencil and people got more and more impressed until I started buying mods and it's suddenly acceptable to spend £1000 ($1512) on a clarinet, but it's not okay to "waste" £30 ($45) on a pen order.
    Sort of annoys me how people react now, the only answer I ever give to "how do you do that" is "practice" unless they ask me how to do a certain trick.
    Parents really like my spinning, they're happy I'm not doing something like drugs
  3. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    ok music is life man, I see why it would be acceptable for people to invest in that, I would definitely invest that much for a guitar or a saxophone if I was good enough or if I had enough money

    but I see the problem wiht what you mean with mods, lol everybody even non penspinners "waste" money on pens for school at least once in a while. I dont know try telling them to f*ck off by saying that you simply wanted to collect high quality pens over the internet for school and they just happen to spin well XD jk of course

    but Im kinda wondering, how do you guys answer these questions, like "how do you do that" I either say just practise, or sometimes I say "I just move my fingers with the pen" which is kinda weird to say for me but is somewhat more descriptive, how do you guys answer, magic, physics, asian skills (which I sometimes say)?
  4. casual

    casual New Member

    lol pen spinning is just a cheap parlor trick to a normal person. It makes sense why they would think it strange to spend money on pens just to spin, even moreso to build oversized sticks that are terrible to write with. I can see it being looked at as unnecessarily tryhard.
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  5. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    yeah I see what you mean, but for the record people always spend money on other hobbys that are technically useless imo, but hey its still cool, So whats wrong with it? But I can understand sorta of why it would look messed up to spend money on mods. Plus I would probably only say that if I had a person who would always flame me for buying mods as a way to back off sort of defence
  6. Awesome

    Awesome Member

    I think they appeal to a non-spinner is that you are doing something they would never be able to do with an object they have used all their life. Mods are good if you are presenting to a group since you can do harder tricks more consistently. I always spun unmodded in public pretty and always received positive reactions. Somebody spinning a pen that can't even write in class would be try hard imo, but if they can spin a normal pen that they write with thats cool
  7. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    well that depends on the person, some people are open minded and chill and know how to have fun so they think pen spinning is cool, while you get some serious people who focus on work more who think pen spinning is a waste a time. Depends on the person

    And like I always say, Usually when people hate on something, that probably just means they cant do it either :p and thats a fact if you think about it
  8. Aubree

    Aubree New Member

    I never meant to say I had a problem with the money being spent on musoc, It was just a hobby comparison really. I do like music
    I always just say practice too
  9. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    "Kuro, stop being so Asian with that pen gosh dang it" -My teacher
  10. Genji

    Genji Old-Timer

    "*insert irl name here*, stop twirling that STUPID pen or i will twirl your head." -My Maths teacher
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  11. AndreSnyman

    AndreSnyman New Member

    Parents don't really mind it, sometimes I feel like they pretend to be interested for like 5min and watch me do a combo. It's hard to spin at school because of dropping pens on desk = everyone in the room gets pissed (seriously how do you guys spin at school? Do you just do tricks you are less likely to drop?) peers are a mix of 5 min interested and general confusion "Why would you want to do that?".
    But generally I just do whatever the hell makes me happy and screw the haters.
  12. DoeLarh

    DoeLarh Disappointment

    well you dont..
  13. Peng15

    Peng15 Lvl 23 pen spinner

    Well i do
    =grade bad

    Most people don't care. They act like I could be reading a book. My spinning is like a pebble on the side of the road.
  14. Genji

    Genji Old-Timer

    Spin a mx at lightning fast speed, people wont stare at you
  15. Jaisemper

    Jaisemper New Member

    My dad thinks its dumb be always asks me "Why do you always twirl around that pen" and then moves his fingers around as if he were spinning a pen. Everyone else its mixed
  16. MjHue_02

    MjHue_02 Old-Timer

    My parents think it's a waste of money ( I spent $20+ on Profiles and Z-Grips ) and say ( not often ) that I should focus on schoolwork instead
    Sometimes, when I tell them I can't / don't want to do *something* they say "oh but you learned how to penspin why can't you try to do *this*"

    My classmates, on the other hand, are easily impressed. They were crowding around me, constantly asking "how do you do that" back when I was only doing Cont. Charges and Tw.sonic (with basic combos). A few learned this half-decent "charge" with a bunch of finger flexing and wrist movement. My teachers have noticed it, but doesn't bother. I'm doing intermediate combos now, and occasionally someone might say "whoa, how do you do that" but most of my classmates have gotten sorta used to it.
  17. CYY

    CYY Old-Timer

    Parents think that it is a waste of money and a waste of my time, and persuade me to channel my energy into doing something more useful.

    Teachers find it amusing at the start of the year, but grow to find it distracting shortly afterwards (like within the first month). I have received one-to-one pep talks on my "distracting hobby" and even threats of confiscation of my mods over the last 2 years from various teachers. So this year, I plan to not bring mods to school and spin only Faber Castell Grip X5 pens, which I use for normally use for writing (It is surprisingly well-balanced for a pen that costs SGD$2 for a pack of 5, compared to a Pilot G2 pen that costs SGD$2.15.). I also don't do aerials or learn new tricks in school and I practice combos which I'm very familiar with so as to reduce the number of times I drop the pen. No complains from teachers this year yet. Hope to keep it this way.

    Generally, my classmates over the past 2 years have not really given a thought about my spinning, but I do get occasional comments like "How do you do that?" or "Wow, that's so cool!". I usually reply that I'm not good, and that there are many more spinners out there who are REALLY good. After a few minutes of staring at me, they leave.
  18. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    lol so I entered my second semester for high school and today was day 2, so I was psing a little and people were like "wtf how do you do that, thats sick" and three people were watching me. But than this guy started filming me on his phone XD it was funny but I hate being on camera so I was kinda piss too, well as long as he didn't get my face in it but I highly doubt he didn't which sucks T.T. Anyway I find that maybe on day one people will be impressed with your spinning but than after a week they usually lose interest and get used to you spinning.

    Now that Im in a different environment Im a lot more careful with my pen so I dont really drop it much anymore as long as I do my casual style. You have to be extra careful depending on what teacher you get, some are chill and dont really care (you never see a teacher get impressed whether they are or not) but I have some teachers that probably wont hesitate to take your mods or get you in trouble, best to be careful
  19. flow

    flow Old-Timer

    I started last year, I was not really into it but as I started learning the fundamentals, teachers and my family started hating it. The people around me thought it was cool but I ended up getting in trouble at school for it. I continued though cus it was fun and I didn't really care about getting in trouble for it. I have gotten a bit better and I found that people are having the same reactions they had for the fundamentals when I do combos. Some people take one of my mods and try to do it but give up almost straight away. Only a few people actually liked it enough to start learning. The teachers I have this year don't hate it as much (I don't drop pens as often) but my family still hates it. People around me either seem to think it is awesome or hate it.
  20. fang

    fang Just-A-Dragon-Love-Doctor. Staff Member Administrator

    As a 6.5 year old spinner I can asure you that after a while people are going to get used to it. My parent where against it until I met some other spinners and I used the internet-contacts I made for projects. They simply where scared I would fall into isolation. Now, most of my friends I have now don't know any better. Because I know them shorter that the time I spin. So it became a part of my identitie. Everyone is used to me having a pen in my hands. I gues they simply accepted it. I only get strange looks on the train and bus, but that's it.

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