How do people around you perceive psing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PERSIST, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. moss

    moss de ad

    with a dr tip
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  2. flow

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    i dont really care about being asian or not, i just dont take stuff seriously
    i dont need to beat the crap out of anyone unless they pick a fight with me specifically, i have an immortal bodyguard, riv.
  3. screamingcircle

    screamingcircle Old-Timer

    i thought this thread was about how people perceive your psing
    psing in my school was a trend that some others and myself contributed to, but it died after a few months, with only about a handful of people who went on to continue for a while before also quitting... becauase of that whenever i ps people see it as the norm, and leave me alone. its gr8
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  4. Ginxxy

    Ginxxy Member

    Thats awesome.
  5. flow

    flow Old-Timer

    YES!! a science teacher who doesnt mind pen spinning might let us (riv and I)'create a club for it' (have a place to sit down in breaks and stuff to spin away from people who take mods) some teachers don't mind it much until we do arials and wipers in class lol
  6. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    One teacher calls it "swinging" which I kind of want to stab her for (it makes me mad for some reason) but most people who know nothing about it think it's cool, and my friends hate it, which gets irritating, since they think it's hilarious when they curb stomp my mod.
    My dad doesn't like it, my moms thinks it's a good hobby, but most of my family think it's a waste of time and money, which is why I keep spinning, so that it isn't either.
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  7. DoeLarh

    DoeLarh Disappointment

    my mom doesnt like a single bit of penspinning so
  8. TheArker

    TheArker Old-Timer

    My friends and my dad think I'm wasting my money and my time on it, some other people are like "WOW" (Which is annoying), some others don't care (Which is great) and some others stare (Which is embarrassing).

    My mom thinks it's cool and my Pen Spinner friend (PheniX13) is jealous cause I'm better than him lmao

    Some of my teachers made a big deal out of it at the start of the year (Mostly negative, cause I got called a Majorette a bunch of times and got a lot of attention lol), so I can't really spin in a few classes (One teacher will confiscate my pens otherwise)
  9. Kumuwu

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    My parents think its cool and useless at the same time :D
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  10. TheArker

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  11. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    seems to be typical response, unless you do stuff that non-spinners can understand (not the tricks, but like 'top XXX number in world' or 'sponsored trips to China' <-- they aren't as impressed by online battles that are sending videos unless you say it's WT/WC, and even then a lot of people thought WT/WC was offline event, *dreaming of world gathering* T__T)
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  12. TheArker

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    (Misread, so useless post XD) Oh kk lol
  13. kuro

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