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Discussion in 'Advanced Tricks' started by Zkhan, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. shawkie

    shawkie Old-Timer

    you dont master a trick until youre able to teach it to someone
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  2. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    Sometimes practising the same thing a thousand times is not going to make you better, you have to know what your mistakes are and how to fix them, good habits to make, etc... Just make sure you have the right technique otherwise you could practice a trick for months and not get better cause your repeating a trick wrong (sorry if this was already said)
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  3. Plexus

    Plexus Member

    Anyone got any tips for pun new (aka palm spin to inverse fl around). I currently trying to learn on my index finger but when ever I finish the index around it ends up slipping off my hand.
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  4. m1ch1

    m1ch1 Retired Maid Staff Member Retired Moderator

    i think it is usefull if you already kann do a flta > palmspin cont. so you get the handmotion
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  5. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    how could you improve execution, my fs is kinda rough and not really smooth T.T
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  6. Monk

    Monk Red Light District Staff Member Moderator

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  7. OPdelivers

    OPdelivers Old-Timer

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  8. Inev

    Inev I'll make Stalin look like a fucking anarchist

    Okay so I'm working on refinement right now and I wanna imitate Sponges arounds, right now I'm struggling with [TF Charge Rev > Rev FL TA]



    My attempt
    From what I can tell, you need to fan out your fingers and minimize on time with FL TA to show off the TF Charge.
    I'm struggling with 2 aspects
    1. Making the transition from PD to PS look good
    2. Making the FL TA less obvious in order to show off the TF charge
    If you can help with these issues, I'd appreciate, ty.
    what if me trying to improve rather than bitching about my style being shit or shitting the place up is the greatest shitpost of my career?
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  9. mango

    mango Old-Timer

    do you have instagram? ill share my thoughts on how to improve ps in general
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  10. Instinct

    Instinct Old-Timer

    Yeah, it's kinda weird; a while ago I did my first Twisted Sonic Bust while looking outside and not focusing on the pen at all.

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