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Discussion in 'Board Help' started by Reason, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. Reason

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    It has come to my attention that some people do not fully understand how to edit their posts, resulting in double posts (for reasons such as: correcting previous posts, adding information/pictures to previous posts, etc). This produces far too much needless clutter, so I've taken some precious time out of my day to help every one of you become the most efficient forum user you can be.

    Let's begin.

    Let's say there's a post like the one above. What's the problem?

    The rules clearly state that you should avoid posting twice in a row. So how do we edit our post?

    Holding the mouse over the bottom section of your post should reveal some options. I have circled the "edit" option for the first post (and hidden all my special moderator options huehue).

    In the darkness theme, the tools bar is displayed like so. Hold your cursor over the tools bar, and it should drop down some options, including the "edit" option.

    Once you've found the option to edit, select it and proceed.

    Clicking on edit should bring up something like this (I've hidden the stuff that isn't really important to the common user again). Now you can proceed with editing your post.

    That's better. Now that we've made our changes, we can save them and see our nice clean post.

    At last! ...But what's this? my old post is still at the bottom. Sadly, this is the unfortunate repercussion of a double poster. Even if you edit your first post, a moderator still has to clean up your double post. Hopefully, you can all go on to avoid double posting and edit your posts if there's any information you want to add to it.

    But whats this??? Some brave soul has come to let the perpetrator know his wrongdoing?
    In a moderator's eyes, this post is just as bad as the double post.

    This causes more clutter and takes up more of the moderating team's time.

    What should you do instead?

    Simply use the "report" option on a post that you think has broken a rule. It lets the mod team know that something needs to be cleaned up or that someone has broken a rule.

    If I was unclear on something, please let me know so I can edit my post and make it more clear.
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  2. Feuersturm

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    Nice guide. Why don't we (members) have permission to delete our posts? Always wondered this, would help to remove accidental double posts and other things without needing staff intervention.
  3. Reason

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    And good question. While some users might take advantage of this opportunity to fix their mistakes, there's really no reason for the second post in the first place. If you have the wherewithal to edit your post or delete a previous post, then you should be able to understand that a second post shouldn't be made. The most important part of this is that people still don't seem to understand that double posts are against the rules. Because of this ignorance, it still must be cleaned up.

    This could also be abused if someone wishes to delete their section of a discussion or just troll a thread. As well, should everyone see that a post has been deleted? or perhaps only the mods? or only the user? This leads to a confusing situation in a discussion based board. As mods, we do not discourage disagreement or the changing of minds, but we want to maintain smooth discussions and the ability to delete posts may interfere with this.

    Of course, you could always just edit your post to change something you said or delete everything in your post (e.g. "-s" Ceru), but at least this still leaves a trace that there was once a discussion there.

    To be honest with you, I'm not even sure if we can give members permission to delete their own posts.
  4. Instinct

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    Does it count as double posting if the last post is really old and has nothing to do with it?

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