How to make Filming Conducive and Presentable. (A simple pen spinning hacks)

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    Good day! so I was HoW* from PPSC (Pinoy Pen Spinning Community). Hopefully I was on the right thread. So I tried to do this to help those who experiencing troubles about filming their own clips. For real this is not perfect, this is only a guide to film good and better. I hope this one helps!

    Part 1.

    Part 2.
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  2. coffeelucky

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    Not sure if this can be called penspinning hacks since most of them are the basic and most veteran spinners know its. But it's good advises for beginners who want to make their penspinning video look better. Good Job ;)
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  3. popte

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    These are very nice tips for anyone starting to film. Nice job!
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  4. Kumuwu

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    thanks for making this video :] its very helpful and i think that your tips are great
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    ur setup is p shit no offense lol
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  6. mango

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    LOL <3

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