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    Hello , I'm Joosin (Pendolsa & Penspinstore admin)
    I made PWT . Pwt is Pendolsa world Tournament.
    Please read and please help me :)

    PWT Prize
    1st: 500 $
    2nd: PDS gift set
    3rd: SpinsticksCustom


    1.Convention - We clearly state that this tournament is a private tournament hosted by PDS alone ‘PWT. Participate in all countries/communities except (KPC/KIPS)
    2. Competition schedule
    -2017/01/01~2017/02/31 (Participant reception and group stagevideo reception)
    -2017/03/01~2017/03/07 (Upload participant's group stage video through PWT's official YouTube channel and PWT homepage)
    -2017/03/08 (Group stage examination result open. Select 16 people among participants) (Opens opponent through tournament image.) <Group stage finish>
    -2017/03/09~2017/03/23 (Round 1 video reception. From Round 1, will proceed 1vs1 match)
    -2017/03/24~2017/03/31 (Round 1 examination)
    -2017/04/01 (Round 1 result open) <Round 1 finish>
    -2017/04/02~2017/04/16 (Round 2 video reception)
    -2017/04/17~2017/04/24 (Round 2 examination)
    -2017/04/25 (Round 2 result open. ) <Round 2 finisih>
    -2017/04/26~2017/05/10 (Round 3 video reception)
    -2017/05/11~2017/05/18 (Round 3 examination)
    -2017/05/19 (Round 3 result open) <Round 3 fininsh>
    -2017/05/20~2017/06/03 (Round 4 Final Round video reception)
    -2017/06/04~2017/06/11 (Round 4 examination)
    -2017/06/12 (Round 4 result open) <Round 4 finish)

    3. How to participate
    ALL Reception- pdstournament@gmail.com
    - Up to 10 participants can participate in each community.
    - Each community select a manager and submit videos of the participants. (until group stage)
    - Write a urlso we can download videos (skydrive.etc..) or When send an email, attach the video file
    - If there is only one person in the community, one person can participate. (Write your own country or community)
    -When you submit must write participant name on video
    - After the group stage is over, participants must submit their own. (1vs1 match)
    - Uploading videos for the first time is a PWT official Youtubeaccount. So, after uploading from the official PWT YouTube channel, You can personally publish videos.

    4.competition criteria
    2-1.technical - Priority evaluation of overall technical skill and difficulty of video. (The difference between FL and style spinning technology is possible) <1~10 point>
    2-2.artistic: Evaluate harmony and impact of the combo, angle, lighting, background, characterization, creativity <1~10point>
    2-3. Additional score of the judging committee: An additional score can be given up to 1 to 5 points in consideration of individual satisfaction of the judging committee <1~5 point>
    Each element is summed up and reflected in examination.
    5.Jury commitee: member of PDS and JEB spinner (each 5 people)

    6. Prize
    1st: 500 $
    2nd: PDS gift set
    3rd: SpinsticksCustom

    7.Manager contact – Joosin (Mr.lsc or SUNDEGLEE) (spinsticks@gmail.com)
    Tez (@Tez_Jpn or @official_pwt) – Twitter DM
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    when 1/4 of total score is made from random preference and basically every WT/WC battle in history is determined by margin of 1-2 points....

    :rofl: dis gonna be gud
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    how do i enter

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