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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Indigo, May 1, 2018.

  1. Indigo

    Indigo New Member

    I need help with the fundamentals, only knowing the thumbaround. are there any tips and tricks anybody would like to say?
  2. BillyGoat

    BillyGoat Member

    hello indigo WELCOM TO THE SITE. if theres a good movement i can recomend to ya is the sonic.the sonic is a nice little movement from wich the whole sonic family comes from, and its the biggest of all the families in pen spinnig, can u believe it? it got at least 5 subfamilies inside it, and lots of variations between slots(pen spinning terminology). im specializing in the sonic area, and just need perfect one or two moves, before facing sonic's final boss, my arch enemie and future favorite trick, THE FLUSH SONIC.
  3. Indigo

    Indigo New Member

    Cool! thanks for the tip, i will be sure to learn the sonic next!
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  4. BillyGoat

    BillyGoat Member

    good luck , you wont regret it
  5. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    make sure before you flick your fingers, the pen is at a 45 degree angle with the ground, and not parallel (if its parallel to the ground it will be hard for it to go around thumb). When I say 45 degree I mean halfway between perpendicular and parallel to the ground. Other than this just keep practicing (I know that sounds like useless advice but its true. Practice for another week and if you still don't get it come back with more details about what's going wrong and maybe it can be helped)

    EDIT: also there's a subforum dedicated to tricks. Here is the Thumb Around page: http://upsb.info/xforum/index.php?threads/thumbaround-normal.11/

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