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  1. i.suk

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    With idea from old UPSB's SOTW and FPSB's interview thread for ivabra, I guess I'll make one for myself (especially since most of time I go on shoutbox or post vids on yt, people ask me stuff).

    Ask away everyone xD
  2. Inev

    Inev meme academic

    How do I build refinement
    In terms of combo structure, how do I make it so the midcombo highlight doesn't outshine the finisher?
    What are obscure old tricks that can be utilized effectively today (eg angled arounds)?
    How do I tie a noose
    Why is my spinning shit
    Can I call you i.succ
    Do you like me?
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  3. i.suk

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    0. Building refinement? Spin while looking at webcam feed on comp screen, adjust angle and other settings until it looks less bad. Then, focus on adjusting finger positioning and stabilising wrist motion for every trick and linkage you intend to use in combo. It'll take a while, and improvement is harder to quantify but you can tell when you watch your combos after recording over long period. Of course, find spinners whose styles are appealing and try to copy their finger positions and whatnot.

    1. Well, it depends on aim of combo and on balance of tricks/linkage level and obviousness. If you are aiming to show subtle linkages, you usually want simple-ish finisher (e.g. iteza's combos), if a bit less subtle but still intricate, you can have solid finisher (e.g. kagami's combos). If combo is aimed more on giving powerful impression, solid control and pacing is needed; and you can use stronger blatant finisher (e.g. supawit's WC12 R3) so that good finishing feeling is given that does not lose to strength shown previously. Basically, tricks/linkages can be thought of to have 'visual impact' (blatant appearance) and 'material impact' (i.e. subtlety/creativity/unusual stuff), so you can choose finisher to have higher visual impact than rest of combo.

    2. Angled arounds (easy to get visual impact), twirls and fc wipers (f2f and diobrando, visual impact not that strong but can be hybridised with other tricks), bak pop spin variations (not that popular but very cool), powerpass variations (not the ones that are spammed often), inv shadow/rev, counters (ponkotu uses them very well, but must be done confidently)

    3. Google probably has answers, but I suggest consulting doctor who will probably refer you to psychiatrist.

    4. You should focus on improving gradually over long time period rather than obvious short-term gains (because PS is about gradual improvement and patience), while learning things you enjoy/interested in.

    4.5. No, too many people misspell my username already.

    5. You're better than inversereverse =P
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  4. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    I think you missed a question.
  5. screamingcircle

    screamingcircle Old-Timer

    have you ever had moments when youve considered quitting? when and why?
    favo(u)rite candy?
    what did your parents think of your psing when you started?
    least favo(u)rite trick?
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  6. Hiato

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    Do you consider yourself a "pro spinner"? How would you define the requirements one needs to reach that level? (e.g. long spinning time and experience, hard linkages, control, knowledge about PS, etc)
    Do you sometimes think you are wasting your time/ could be using your spare time in a better way?
    If you were granted the possibility to start your penspinning carreer all over, what things would you do differently? (If any)
    Do you consider penspinning a type of art? If so, what defines it as such? Would a good combo also inevitably be a "good" work of art (assuming that we can grade art on a scale), or would that depend on other factors? (e.g. execution, "style", flow,...) If so, would you say that a combo not considered extraordinary by psers could still maintain a higer degree of art than one that is, if it were to focus on these factors?

    I know that these aren´t the easiest questions to answer, and quite heavy on the theoretical side, but if I´m granted the opportunity to ask you anything, why not more fundamental stuff about this hobby of ours :-)
  7. Kayvee

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    how hard do you suck isuk?
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  8. Van

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    tits or ass?
  9. i.suk

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    1. Once when I was in first 6 months and I saw Mist 6 month solo (below). At that time I could barely do bust x 2 and bakfall, so I was very discouraged and would have quit if not for a school friend saying 'your skill is amazing to me', and it was these words that made me keep spinning ^^ Funnily enough, Mist stopped improving much after reaching WT09 mid-tier level, and he has not been active any more for long time, unfortunately (yet I'm stronger than ever now). Other than this time, there's periods when I do not record or practice intensively/deliberately much, but I will never quit because I enjoy PS lots and lots (which is something I did not really feel that strongly in first half year)

    2. Those lindt white chocolate balls with that lemon/lime taste and gold wrapping (chocolate --> candy close enough, otherwise I'd pick Allens strawberry and cream gummy).

    3. Don't think they thought much of it, just probably 'this kid does funny things, but his academic results are staying fine so we won't mind it'.

    4. Probably triangle pass rev T12, generally not that useful xD I like nearly all tricks in PS though basically.

    1. Pro as in solidly in WT/WC level (not someone who'll get knocked out in R1 pool stage), then yes, I would be. It's hard to determine, but I feel spinner of this level needs to be able to make strong balanced combo that uses range of difficult and unusual linkages/tricks, with passable macro execution (overall flow) and at least some idea of finger positioning. Spinning time/experience does not matter as much, knowledge of PS usually comes as a side effect of watching videos in process of learning.

    2. Tbh I doubt I'd do anything especially 'productive' in terms of rest of world (e.g. studying, working etc) even if I did not spin, I'd find another way to spend free time. People who say spinning leads to them studying less or going out less are probably avoiding root cause of those things.

    3. Get a webcam early on so I could work on finger positioning/refinement aspects earlier on, and work on copying combos earlier on (to learn more linkages).

    4. The depth of finesse and technical complexity of PS makes it like an artform, but art generally has to convey emotions. PS can give sense of power (lol), stability, confusion (fel2fram), beauty, elegance (mesi), abruptness (ayatori) and other subtle emotions, but it cannot really convey happiness, sadness or anger (arts like music, dance, painting can easily do so), which limits PS as an art. However, someone who reaches very high level in a skill/sport can be considered an artist in a way. I feel some of best/iconic combos in history (like mesi all highlight promo combo, fel2fram fpsbt 2011 finals combo, peem explore M fl, snow wt11 r4) can be considered art as they can convey some subtle emotions to me. Generally, I think you have to reach a very high level as a spinner to make combos of level of art, because you need to be good enough to film combo that can convey subtle impressions, which goes beyond simple mastery or understanding of tricks themselves.

    Interesting theoretical questions are great ^^ There's a lot of fine details and depth to PS that I came to appreciate over the years, so it's cool talking about it (especially since there's not many chances to discuss PS to such detail otherwise).

    I suck a lot, I am noob who dropped over 1 million times.

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  10. Nine53

    Nine53 Member

    What makes a fel2fram combo hard other than just how different it is?
    Are his tricks unusually difficult and take longer to master?
    What's an example of a trick or something specific that f2f does in his combos that you just can't do?
  11. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    1. It being different presents 2 major types of problems: hard to comprehend what he is doing (one has to understand first before copying); and previous linkage/trick mastery does not help much in copying his material (which greatly reduces usefulness of an experienced spinners' skillset in copying his material even if they understand it). Would his tricks take longer dedicated practice for an experienced spinner? I can't be sure, but I think the training time needed would be quite high, which makes it hard.

    2. The finisher of below combo (I can see what happens in x0.25, but i cannot fully understand how pen changes direction even with frame by frame or replicate it). Of course he does a lot of stuff I cannot do (or would take long long time to learn).

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  12. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    really? I do something similar to that all the time, the more I look at it the more think its a ariel ta pd (not actually the real name ofc, but the most I can say to describe it) the only weird part is at the end where he catches it in a bust (more specifically the 2nd part of the bust or where you would do a double ta). Most likely its because the pen only rotates .5 when he did the ariel ta pd, but the pen was going slow/heavy enough that he was able to execute it like that. I can understand why its abit strange but I can imagine doing it with a buster (although exact execution would be kinda hard regardless so theres that) although I could be wrong too.

    I see you mentioning finger positioning often, is this something that you have to focus particularly on? To a extent I can understand, like busts for a example. The way vora busts appeals to me greatly, reason why is because of the way he position his pinky, I notice he sticks his pinky out while he busts while also curling the index when catching it (not sure if I have to go deeper to say why I find that nice but I know specifically its the finger position). But is this something we should really look at for each linkage? The most I will do this for if its for a small aesthetic appeal in a combo or a finisher tbh T.T I also feel like this would kinda just tie in into execution if I were to actually sit down and pracise.
  13. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    @kuro yes, i get that it's pd ta to air as well, but i don't quite understand how pen abruptly changes direction for the bust, i thought it was hit by index (?) but frame by frame does not tell me how index is actually involved, and in my own attempts with my own mods i could not make anything like it (also, the rotation speed of both the pd ta and bust show that pen has to be hit by something to change direction that suddenly at those speeds etc)

    i don't focus on finger positioning much (just having basic positioning idea is enough for my own combos like my 9 year solo), i'm more into making crazy stuff that expands boundaries of belief about what spinners can accomplish xD however, finger positioning, stability and pacing are what makes difference between strong spinner and truly exceptional strong spinner, so they are very important ^^ well, finer finger positioning and movements and pacing changes are more for refinement-focus like hash, mesi, hal, slofis, eban, iroziro and others, whereas you and i are more technical focus in our combos
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  14. Nine53

    Nine53 Member

    What's the most difficult power trick you can possibly think of but still being possible to do in cont.
  15. Wobster

    Wobster Old-Timer

    What differentiates an intermediate spinner from a beginner spinner?
    How many months did it take you to reach intermediate territory?
    Does it annoy you when spinners (who are actually worse than you at spinning) flame your combo out of jealousy?
  16. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    For now: [fl ra - pinky ss] aerial 1.0 I can probably do x 2 (using my method of aerial, not the usual fl ta release easy stuff). fl ia ss is fair bit harder than fl ta ss or index pun new, fl ma ring ss is far harder than fl ia ss, and fl ra pinky ss is fair bit harder than fl ma ring ss. Special aerial method for fl ia ss, fl ma ring ss (and fl ra pinky ss) is fair bit harder than just doing those tricks cont, and aerial 1.0 is fair bit harder than aerial 0.5.

    1. When you start thinking more about linkages than separate tricks, when you can make decently varied+executed+structured ish combo.

    2. Over a year (I learnt quite slowly, although learning rates generally slower back then).

    3. It's worse if people criticise the material level without having any idea of what the material is (for example, a good spinner said my WT13 R3 combo had easy around linkages as they were just 1.0 rotation arounds, but these same linkages I showed to kagami and supawit and other people at zhigao events in 2014-2016 and everyone was surprised (meaning hardly anyone saw them in first place, as expected), and struggled with them). Usually I just have exasperated amusement rather than annoyance, because I'm gotten really used to people saying stupid things from genuinely not knowing or simply having really shit judgment or perceptions of PS level, in fact I'd be more surprised if people actually displayed good perceptions. e.g. some people saying UPSB deserved to lose all its matches in WT15 R2 or comments on certain matchups, like mind vs leftfinger WT13 R3 saying 'mind can only do wipers and wipers are just 1 type of trick', or idiots thinking that if they can do 2 or 3 hai tua and palmspin, then all power tricks are easy, or WT15 R1 PSH judging idiocy (like saying eriror's thumb raimo bak variation was ta rev, lolol, and that menowa WT15 R3 deserves 9/10 exec coz it's 'dynamic' despite numerous flaws in control and rotations). Flaming is not that common, I can't think of any examples as not really any flamers in past few years, there used to be more in 07-13, but I knew a few people spammed dislikes on certain WT/WC videos. If comment is about exec, then it is probably valid as I don't care much for exec in most combos I filmed in past years (other than recent combos in 9 year solo).
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  17. Raiz

    Raiz Old-Timer

    isuk is there a tutorial on the trick u did at psh gathering? (you do it from palmspin rev and you move ur hand up airgear did it at psh gathering x2 or x3)
  18. Sui

    Sui HSP Lord

    What new webcam did you get?
  19. 1. What do you think will happen to PS in terms of popularity in 10 years or so, and what do you think spinners who have reached around 20 years would be doing?

    2. Do you think 'growth spurts' in improvement happen quite often?

    3. Do you have to get used to doing new links due to finger positioning + wrist movements, or do those things carry into every link you do

    4. is SOL good

  20. EveRest


    1. How to improve exe
    2. How do u feel about new gen of spinners
    3. How do i learn Dio/f2f/fingercross hybridized wipers
    4. What in your opinion defines an ideal spinner
    5. what if the only mod that existed was a metal comssa

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