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    1. Do u play osu
    2. Fav anime
    3. Weeb?
    4. Mal account name
    5. ( sorry if I didn't explain it well and u don't get it, it's impossible to fully transfer to u what I'm thinking )Do you think pushing yourself to the limit is better for learning? Ex. If ur learning twisted sonic but push urself More by trying to make your mind think that (ex) real twisted sonic in 34 then sonic is a twisted sonic in your mind but then after you're pretty consistent just go to twisted sonic because it's way easier and you worry about the whole trick being done instead of just the first part, and you make your brain look it as hard but then you only do the first part and it's easier? ( twisted sonic is a singular move so it might not be a good example )
    6. How did you name yourself
    7. Did you misspell isuck on purpose
    8. Have u been scammed before
    9. Do you live in a trailer, dorm, apartment, or house
    10. Do you think that anything can be achieved through practice? (Ex tieing shoe in 0.5 seconds)
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  2. DrakeS

    DrakeS Member

    Thanks for great tips about studying, i'd love to have some chats with you about both PS and MD in the near future if you feel comfortable.
    Actually, I am practicing wiper style by learning from mind, beige, A9,etc...but since i am going be in last year soon, there is no time to spin (practice) new skills anymore, so a deeper question: Which take more time, original DC linkage or wiper linakge?
    also i want to spin unmod as well, can't carry mod around the hospital ya know, so what kind of pen do you prefer?
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  3. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    Swimming, reading novels, touhou project.

    1. nah
    2. one punch man
    3. no
    4. don't have one lel
    5. When filming combo or practising linkage you can already do, you should aim to have brain and hand think of it as one element rather than separate tricks (will make you do it smoother). Also, you cannot really 'fool' your brain into reducing difficulty of stuff to increase the consistency, because deep down you know what you're doing most of the time.
    6 and 7. Long time ago, friend who scored highest in bowling called himself 'i suk' on scoreboard, when I started PS long time after I remembered it.
    8. No, I hardly ever trade anyway. Although I did sell mod to someone who was later found to be a scammer.
    9. House.
    10. Most things which don't break fundamental laws of physics/nature (and even some that seem to break known ''laws;; of nature - e.g. old calculations said that people cannot run 1 mile in under 4 minutes, but then 1 guy did it, then several other guys did it etc) - can be done with practice. IMO human skill ceiling is far, far, far higher than what most people imagine. For example, I've built up large gap in power trick level over rest of world, but I still find new harder things to try and improve in every few days. Also, I learnt PS quite slowly in first 3 years or so, and I've found many people progress faster (and PS is a young artform compared to juggling which has been common for decades/centuries) - it's reasonable to believe that if human skill in PS can increase so much, then it can also increase by similar or larger amount in other skills. If you've seen videos of people peeling apples in 1 go/1 stroke of knife and other stuff like that, then tying shoelace in 0.5 sec might be possible.

    Sure! I'd be glad to talk :D

    Wipers are easier to learn, but harder to become good at (even if you can do good wiper breakdown, it is nearly impossible to make it look as good as mind's do). Usual technical linkages with DC are harder to learn, but you can reach acceptable level for using in combo with them more easily IMO.

    Note that doctors often 'borrow' your pens permanently, so don't take anything too special. Unmod RSVP is good (make sure you have a few spares back in your room in case they get lost), I prefer unmod lakubo (the one with cap), like this:


    staedtler triplus (retractable or capped one) spins well too
  4. Saltient

    Saltient Member

    1. Do u love me i.suk
    2. Are g2 good for spinning unmodded
    3. Can you cure my cancer in the future
    4. Does fapping considered a hobby
    5. 10 billion usd or ps
    6. Favourite combo?
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  5. DrakeS

    DrakeS Member

    Ya. Actually i have mini migrain (or sorf of) watching mind or biege combo for big CV, that's just not how physics work, lol. I just hope to achieve the "okay" level of wiper style.
    I will try some RSVP and Uni pens, thanks for recommendation man!
    Do you mind exchanging contact? like FB, Twitter, skype or sth like that? :D
  6. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    @DrakeS sent PM :D

    1. I don't love any spinner =P
    2. Decent, but clip is annoying. Lakubo and rsvp unmod better.
    3. Unlikely T__T
    4. No.
    5. 10 billion USD can do a lot more, so I'd pick that.
    6. Can't really pick one. If I had to, it'd be between f2f fpsbt 2011 finals combo and mesi all HL promo combo.
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  7. Inev

    Inev meme academic

    Is there anybody more comfy than Mr Rodgers?

    Is it humanely possible?


    Or Section
    1. Better in morning or night
    2. Poor or wealthy
    3. Mayonnaise or ketchup
    4. Trump or Hillary
    5. Ps or bergleri + cardistry both with equal amount of skill to half of the effort you put into your ps career
    Edit: forgot this
    6. what race are you
    7. are you sick of answering yet
    8. is 4p 2h a thing
    9. have you encountered any paranormal stuff (explain)
    10. are you feeling it isuk
  9. Walkaz

    Walkaz Old-Timer

    what's going on in ps nowadays
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  10. Juzzle

    Juzzle Member

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  11. Saltient

    Saltient Member

    Benefits of spinning unmodded?
  12. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    who is that?

    Kagami recently released his solo:

    I think rotation87 is also making his 6 year solo soon (not sure of progress).

    Pendolsa making 'world tournament' with JEB and PDS judges - but the points seem quite dodgy, with 5 points out of 25 total being entirely up to judge preference/satisfaction (i.e. who cares about the combos when judge can overturn any victory by using that preference 'criteria' LOL).

    Sephiroth team seems to be making series of tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI7F3XFN2TnthrjYwIzOngQ/videos and also running upfes with tricks from those tutorials, alcor survival tournament thing on JEB.

    FPSB just finished tournaments: http://www.thefpsb.com/t3855-fpsbt16-videos-r5 (the 1-year spinner called thebeygeek is in finals vs gollumsk8, it's crazy) and http://www.thefpsb.com/t3823-fpsbtd-v12-resultats-jugements-r4-battles-round-5 (beginner tournament).

    I think THPSC is trying to organise small in-board tournament in WC style (2 teams of 5).

    PPP had MP16 (polish tournament) late in 2016, with gibki winning and precel placing 2nd. Some solid old spinners and good newer spinners also participated. R1 had about 60 vids submitted, I was judge for that tournament (but the results often didn't go way I wanted, which is stupid. For example, in Bula vs Precel R4, all judges voted for Bula I think, but public poll had 77% votes to Precel; I'm not sure why public poll was used as part of weight in determining winner tbh).

    Hobby recently released Winter CV. UPSB has a new team of good spinners - Rising Unity.

    1. Night.
    2. Both, depends on perspective.
    3. Mayonnaise generally.
    4. Hillary.
    5. PS by far.
    6. Chinese.
    7. No.
    8. Hard to do effectively, 2p1h alone is hard enough to develop material for or practice; doing on both hands coherently would be extremely difficult.
    9. Also a matter of perspective - you can deny following experiences as 'it is still possible by some scientific explanation so it's not divine intervention', but that's up to you. As a Christian, I've had prayers answered in way that can't really be explained by logic (for example, when I was in Year 8 doing chemistry test, I didn't know answer to a question, so I prayed asking for answer and suddenly the right answer pops into my head. I checked my textbooks/net history later and saw that I'd never seen the answer/term before. More recently, I sometimes had crazy moments/progress in spinning when practising tricks I know I haven't mastered or put enough training into yet (suddenly stumbling upon effective technique to do [fl ra - pinky ss], which let me go from x 5 to x 10 in 4 days rather than predicted 2-3 months, when I was filming for 'THIS IS POWER V5' I had a day when a lot of tricks I struggled with/didn't really practice before were suddenly all landed easily after I told God 'I know I can't really do these tricks so I need your help with them'). If you're asking experiences with ghosts etc - never had any.
    10. Yes.
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  13. Saltient

    Saltient Member

    Stop dodging my questions damn it
  14. Juzzle

    Juzzle Member

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  15. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    Oops, thanks for correction lol.

    Self-satisfaction and being able to deflect idiots saying 'you can only spin modified stick'.
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    1. Do you play aqw
    2. Cold or hot
    3. Do you live by urself
    4. Fav movie
    5. What trick would you consider almost a fundamental
    6. Do you think there could be a pen spinning game in the future
    7. Cat or dog
    8. Black or white guy
    9. Are you gonna bring your pens while being s doctor
    10. What are you smoking?
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  17. coffeelucky

    coffeelucky pen all-rounder

    Favorite combos/notable or MVP spinners from WT/WC
  18. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    1. No.
    2. Impossible to answer when no context is given, answer varies.
    3. Sometimes.
    4. Your name (Kimi no Na wa).
    5. infinity and figure 8.
    6. Maybe if random spinner was bored and felt like making one, but it's more fun/useful to practise spinning yourself than play game about PS.
    7. Cats are more similar to myself, but dogs are better companions.
    8. Humans are all humans, regardless of race or any other 'differences' that people create for whatever reason.
    9. I'd probs spin unmod lakubo/rsvp during work time.
    10. Drugs which enhance power trick abilities.

    Fav combos - mesi all HL promo combo, f2f fpsbt 2011 finals, f2f fpsbt 2015 r1, mesi japen 6th, iteza sephiroth, menowa japen 12th (both), hash japen 8th, slofis japen 9th, ayano japen 9th, vicgotgame wt11 r1, supawit wt11 r4, supawit wc12 r3, eriror wc08 r1, ayatori wc08 r1, peem explore M, peem wc10 finals, xound wt15 r6 (there's still more probably, hah).

    MVP spinners from WC - baimai was vital for THPSC's win in WC10, ponkotu also won 5/5 of his battles in WC10 iirc. f2f and menowa were also instrumental for fpsb and jeb's victories in 2012 and 2014. saizen helped JEB's WC08 team a lot iirc (was in 4 or 5 rounds I think?).
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  19. Inev

    Inev meme academic

    1) I often here talk about early PDS spinners who lay the foundations for a lot aspects in pen spinning, can you give me a list of some of the significant or important ones?

    2) I've been spinning for 3 years and I still suck and it's getting sorta depressing now and I feel no progress even if I practice for weeks. I'm losing passion because I don't know how to progress and pen spinning is the only thing that is making me feel insecure. Wat do?
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    1. Does your hair look more like peem or supawit
    2. How many anime have you watched
    3. What are power tricks and why are they called that also what are busts
    4. Do you consider you good at drawing
    5. Do you consider you advanced or pro
    6. Glasses
    7. What languages did you learn in school
    8. Gaming computer?
    9. What are you learning and will ps ever run out of new tricks
    10. Do you think there will be a mrs. suk

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