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  1. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    you will have to find old spinner who wants to collect old comssas, i think the V3 labelled one can get $15 or more if you find person who wants it

    but there are not that many collectors on UPSB nowadays i think
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    moss wo rm

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  3. PelTa112

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    Thank you!!!

    Haha Thank you
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  4. Inev

    Inev im 12!!!! hi guys xD

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  5. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    you can still use copy paste to copy spaces from other webpages/documents...
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  6. D3V1L

    D3V1L Member

    1.Do you think using a heavy pen (more than 25g) could slow your progress when you are still starting?
    2.Pen modding or pen spinning?
    3.What do you think about giotto pen mods?
    4.Favorite pen brand?
    5.Which mod are you spinning rn?
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  7. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    1. Your fingers would get tired faster, so you'd practice less, so you'd progress slower --> so, yes, it would. Also, weight heavier than certain amount means that slight mistakes are magnified (as pen's loss of control is harder to recover/occurs more often due to heaviness). IMO anyway. In fact there's absolutely zero reason to use mod heavier than 22g IMO, because hardest combos and trick feats in PS history were done with mods in standard weight range.

    2. Well, you need to find mod that fits you and should look decent if you want to spin better. I find spinning more interesting anyway, even though nice mods are really cool to look at.

    3. There's basically no need for something as thick or heavy as most giotto-based mods. A13x used giotto mod in WT13, but xound and menowa's WT15 combos are far more impressive and they used normal mods. Menowa's R3 used emboss mod, but it was easily his worst combo in entire WT15; whereas his best one (R5) used reimei which is quite light.

    4. Crayola, because ST is made by them.

    5. None atm (lol). I am typing on computer .-. For fl - fountain hybrid v2, for normal combos - i.suk g3 variations.

    6. There'll be some good stuff later this year :D
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  8. Saltient

    Saltient Old-Timer

    How to spin like f2f or any original spinner
    Sorry, I know you answered this in sb before.
  9. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    1. see what everyone else is doing
    2. don't do what they are doing

    actual answer: you'd have to find material that other people have not used and spend most of your practice time on developing new variations (rather than training existing stuff like usual spinners)
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  10. PelTa112

    PelTa112 New Member

    How much is 1 of jellpin in here??
  11. Saltient

    Saltient Old-Timer

    1. What are some aspects of ps that hasnt been explored much yet
    2. What is a moment that made u go wtf the most
    3. What are some overused tricks
  12. D3V1L

    D3V1L Member

    1.Your favorite light mod?
    2.Other manipulative arts?
    3.Do you know what magic the gathiring is?
    4.Who (in your opinion) is the best reletivly new spinner?
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    1. are you getting tired of answering questions
    2. am i good
    3. religion
    4. is pen spinning worth it in the end (100 year solo)
    5. do some spinners use telekinesis to make combos look good
    6. is your brother a spinner of pens
    7. have you ever had depression or tried to end your life
    8. did you get a bachelors degree
    9. have you ever pun kan with a piece of paper
    10. are you so good that you can visualize a pen in your hands and spin it
  14. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    No idea, I never saw people asking for them much on UPSB. Maybe better to ask on facebook PS groups.

    1. Use of middle phalanx of finger (some of f2f's material), 2p1h, linked 2p2h, linked 1p2h, async 2p2h (hands doing different breakdown), different power tricks (there's far more possible than existing ones).

    2. WT11 R5 kin beating supawit is probably most wtf stupid judgment in history of PS, with all its stupid WT/WC judgments....

    3. PU fl ta rev, rex trick, angled arounds, mirrored powerpass <-- when used in normal fingerslots and common linkage methods - there's heaps of other ways to use them well.

    1. not tired lol
    2. never saw you spin tbh
    3. Christian
    4. It's worth it if you enjoy it, and you can appreciate certain things from PS - although it's basically 'useless' in producing tangible real-world 'value' like making $$$ or getting a job.
    5. Setup and practice .-.
    6. I don't have a brother, no one else in my family spins.
    7. Never.
    8. The way my uni's medicine course is structured, I basically already have a medical science degree. I'll be a doctor soonnnnnnnn OTL.
    9. Rolled up, yes. Not rolled up - don't think it's possible unless you can reduce air resistance.
    10. In my brain I can visualise combos and other people's combos along with their setups, I can also imagine feeling that mod should have on my fingers (even for linkages I may not have done yet); but I cannot do exactly what you asked in question.
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  15. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    1: How much time do you spend on modding?
    2: How much money do you spend on ps in general?
    3: Do you think you will ever reach admin status?
    4: How long do you plan on psing at your current level? I know you said that one never truly quits ps in sb once.


    1. How long did ext thumbaround take
    2. Did you copy kv profile pic
    3. Speed or smooth ? choose
    4. Have you ever failed miserably in a new talent like ps and then quit
    5. Do you spin to music and is it better
    6. Do you have friends
    7. Do you think someone could be better than you in general in half the time you've psed
    8. Who's the oldest pen spinner that still spins (if u know)
    9. Are you real
    10. Are you worthy of becoming a doctor and why
    10.5). Are you becoming a doctor for money
    10.9). How does it feel penspinning underwater, is everything slow motion
  17. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    1. Whenever I feel like it, maybe half hour per week? Probably less on average - if I've made 100 mods over 9 years of spinning, that's 1 mod per month approx, if 1 mod takes 15-30 min to make then it'll be 30 min of modding per month.

    2. Probably $300-400 over past 9+ years. It's large amount in total, but not that much when you consider time period.

    3. Too lazy, so nah.

    4. I'll keep training new things as long as possible, so it'll probably be quite a while longer ^^

    1. Not very long, it's quite easy even for early spinners.

    2. This pic is from 2013 or so, I had it ages ago.

    3. Smoothness. Not like I care much about normal combos anyway, I basically only train fl; training non-fl is just incidental.

    4. I never had any inborn talent, it's just pure grinding. I haven't really tried any other manipulations after I started PS, so can't really answer.

    5. Music makes spinning more enjoyable, especially when filming hard things - reduces frustration because you have something to divert attention.

    6. No, I'm a robot. What are emotions, can you eat them?

    7. Definitely! GSL reached my 7-8 year technical combo level in his 3 1/2 years. However, they might not be able to match both my fl and technical combo level in that time (it is probably possible, but quite unlikely).

    8. Probably x1213 and gollumsk8, if you mean oldest spinner who still spins quite actively.

    9. I'm imaginary .-.

    10. Not yet, still needs more learning lol.

    10.5 No, you can get money more easily in other things.

    10.9 Never tried, but I'd imagine it'd be very hard because there's far more resistance on pen, which would make basically pen lose momentum very quickly.
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  18. DrakeS

    DrakeS Member

    Hi i.suk
    1. I soon to be a medical doctor. How do you balance your work/study time with PS to keep it from getting dull?
    2. What is your opinion about wiper style? is it equal to normal spin?
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  19. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    1. Great question! You need to take breaks from studying often, and spinning is a good way to relax. You can also train your skills with normal pen while waiting to write notes at hospital ward rounds, after a few months of doing this you'll be able to spin unmod very very well :D In terms of studying, organising the huge amount of medical information into frameworks is very helpful (for example, patient presents with XXX symptoms --> is likely to have XXX - priority given to common conditions or deadly ones that need immediate attention --> investigations to confirm or rule out those possibilities). If you already know what you area you want to specialise in, medical knowledge on other things might be a bit boring for you, so it's good to determine what level of depth you need (which is hard to decide sometimes). Generally, textbooks are overkill for medical student level or even first year of hospital work (intern/houseman or whatever they call it where you are), it's far more efficient to group basic information - maybe 2 paragraphs or so - on each of the various conditions you are likely to see and how they are investigated and managed. There'll be less time to spin intensively after you graduate, so you should develop your ability to learn spinning (often helps to copy linkages from other spinners).

    2. There's many interesting and different ways to link wipers together (mind, ippei, beige); however you want to master many types of tricks which will also increase the range of linkages you can make using wipers.
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  20. D3V1L

    D3V1L Member

    Do you have any other hobbies other than ps?

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