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  1. Nine53

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    1. What are the best combos of each wt and how would you judge them?
    2. Who are the spinners you would want to meet irl?
    3. Who would be part of your spinner "dream team" comprising of 10 spinners?
  2. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    1. angmaramyon_a - wipers, nagi - topspins and baks, fingerpass - scissorspin ~ palmspin, cheukii - sonic and pass linkages, cloud traveller - midbak 1.5 and 2.0, pentaenge - sonic clip. There's definitely more, but they were around before I started.

    2. Practice a different element/focus in spinning (e.g. different trick family or linkage type/combo impression, different mod, different setup; if you are tech focus - then take break from trying to learn new stuff and instead use time on exec/finger positioning; if refinement focus - then try learning some new linkages/harder tricks etc). Also, you should try to enjoy the act of spinning - feeling of pen on fingers and appearance of tricks when you see yourself do them, watch some nice CV/solos that you like etc. IMO, putting too much pressure on progress or improvement can be harmful especially if it reduces your enjoyment of spinning.

    To improve, you can try experimenting with setups to get a better one; then plan a combo with links that can be seen well from your chosen angle. Your material is decent but you need to make it more visible/presentable and coherent (if you cannot make coherent combo with harder material, then start by filming easier stuff).

    "pen spinning is the only thing that is making me feel insecure" <-- there will nearly always be someone better than you in whatever activity/trait in life, so you shouldn't base your 'value' in your level compared to others; PS is just something we do mainly for enjoyment anyway. Of course, if you enjoy spinning (or whatever activity) and find a good way of practising, you'll gradually improve over time if you stay dedicated, and eventually you may become one of those highly skilled/amazing people who others look up to.

    If you typo'ed and meant 'ps is the only thing that makes me feel secure' <-- then you need some greater aim in life .-.

    It's important to remember that 'high skill gained as side product of enjoyment' and 'high skill gained purely for sake of beating others' have different thoughts/significance/impacts on yourself and your mentality.

    1. supawit's probably.
    2. Over a dozen, but definitely less than 3 dozen.
    3. Combination of fl around and/or topspins in any way. Bust = fl around.
    4. No, I hardly ever draw.
    5. In PS, there is only one level - 'not good enough yet'.
    6. I wear contacts at night.
    7. Did Japanese in year 7 and 8 (i.e. hardly anything).
    8. Don't have one lol
    9. Harder fl than ones I've shown so far; PS will never run out of material IMO.
    10. No idea.

    1. WT09 - peem R5. WT11 - s777 R6 and R1, supawit R4, sponge R3, vgg R1, sister_r R2, snow R4. WT13 - f2f's, ction R5. WT15 - menowa R5, xound R6.

    All of above combos are exceptional, it's hard to compare standards from years ago with nowadays though.

    2. I've already met peem and supa (the 2 who I want to meet most), as well as xound, snow, x1213, bula, ppm, kagami, laye, and more. I'd like to meet menowa, f2f, and eriror.

    3. Probably somewhat answered before, but: menowa, f2f, supawit, xound, mesi, slofis, iteza, hash, snow, peem.
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  3. Saltient

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    1) Can you list some moves that uses middle phalanx of finger
    2) Can you list some moves that uses knuckles
    3) Combos that use knuckles/ middle phalanx?
    4) Any spinners that uses f2f type material?
    5) When did you start learning power tricks?
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  4. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    1. Most of existing 'middle phalanx' tricks are actually using knuckles or 'b' slot (f2f's i-o charge and twirls videos).
    2 and 3. knuckle 'bak' thing (ponkotu's invention i suspect), knuckle spread (wah HKPSA), knuckle powerpass (i don't think menowa was first to do it), f2f's videos, DIP 'pushed' spiderspin (watto).
    4. MG (TWPS) and RPD.
    5. bust and fl ta back in early 2008 before power trick genre was invented


    1. Why does zkhan hate arker
    2. What is the maximum efficiency in learning ps? ( how many tricks to learn at once and how to schedule )
    3. fqvortie food
    4. Did you take all ap
    5. Why do people put grips on mods
    6. Do you think we're going to war with Korea
    7. Have you ever been scared home alone or have some dude try to rob house
    8. If you hadn't found PS what do you think you would've done in your free time ( or was it destiny)
    9. What is your favorite combination of colors (2)
    10. If you didn't enjoy ps would you quit
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  6. Hippo2626

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    How did you last so damn long in pen spinning?
  7. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    1. no idea tbh
    2. Focus on 2 or 3 tricks/links at once IMO. In theory, muscle memory is formed better when only learning one set of motions; but your hand tires a lot faster if you grind only 1 thing. Also, be aware that you don't have to follow 'logical progression' for complexity of tricks in learning order (e.g. if you want hard power trick finisher, you don't need to train spreads or fl ta palmspin even).
    3. seared salmon
    4. No, because I live in Australia (lol).
    5. Aesthetics, for weight/momentum, and wipers.
    6. Unlikely.
    7. Don't think so.
    8. No idea really. Might've learnt drawing, continued playing piano, or become expert touhou project games player.
    9. Probably a draw between black+white, black+yellow, and blue+black. Fav combination of 3 colours is black+white+yellow.
    10. Obviously, because PS for enjoyment.

    I like spinning a lot, and there's always more things I want to learn or improve in :D

    (wow hippo's back xD)
  8. Shiro

    Shiro Old-Timer

    (wow hippo is back omg)
    idk if anyone has asked these qns since there are 13 pages here but
    1. how can one balance the pen when doing spin tricks like sidespin?
    2. how long do u grind each day
    3. why arent you grinding for touhou project instead
  9. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    1 and 3 haven't been asked actually lol

    1. You need COG (which pen will spin around during topspins) on specific part of hand/finger (usually raised slightly higher in height than nearby areas), and you want the pen to spin horizontally (if pen spins a bit in vertical plane, the topspin will not be stable as pen will slip/fall in direction of tilt). Of course, adjusting the push so that COG ends up in part you want is a bit annoying. Control is more important than adding excess push force.

    2. Varies a lot. From mid 2014-mid 2015, probably 30 min/day or less. In past half year or so, I've been practising a lot more (from sept 2016 to mid feb 2017 grinding fl, 1 1/2 hr once every 2 days or more; this week I've been preparing for WT17 by filming normal combos for similar time). At night, I spin 30-40 min with left hand to train some new material on it too.

    3. I find PS more interesting, and playing games is more flexible than PS. I know I can find time and patience to play games later in life after I graduate/when I work, but I may not have as much motivation to grind spinning then - I'm sure I'll still spin a fair bit for rest of my life and keep learning new tricks, but I won't have same patience to keep filming seriously in manner of 'I have to film at least 3 cont sequences better than existing ones in this session' or 'I need to land this hard combo 4 times for practice'.
  10. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    So are you saying for all power spin tricks the hand should basically be completely horizontal? But in many videos it looks like people do Palm Spin > FL TA with their hand at a diagonal angle, no? What do you recommend (keeping the hand flat during the spin would make it look like VGG's weird seesaw motion wouldn't it?)?
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  11. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    high rotation topspins are very different to power tricks, shiro's question was asking about topspins i think

    for power tricks, the plane of rotation's horizontal/vertical-ness varies for different people's methods of the same trick (e.g. ppm's pun new is more vertical than mine), and for different tricks (mid spread is typically done more vertically than pinky spread is)

    vgg's palmspin fl ta technique is not that clean (afaik he didn't grind it into x 200+ level either, because he's more of overall well-rounded technical spinner than power addict)

    you can see my palmspin fl ta technique in my slomo tutorial of it and it is slightly vertical, i have one of highest numbers/cleanest performance of that trick using zero-cheat aerial method (windy and sekai both have large aerial cheat for it)

    of the fl around - spin power stuff, only fl ma - ring ss cont is entirely horizontal; rest of them are slightly vertical for me and most spinners
  12. Saltient

    Saltient Old-Timer

    1) Why?
    2) Any variations of 1p1h twirls f2f hasnt showed in his tut that you know off?
    3) Fav cont?
    4) Should I reply to your yt vids more?
    5) Do you own a pet?
  13. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    1. Why not?
    2. You can do them with T3 and T4 too, not sure if he showed them in his vid.
    3. [mirr pp rev - ring ss] (well, it would be [mirr pp rev - pinky ss] cont but I can't get it consistently yet).
    4. Up to you really, I don't mind either way.
    5. Nah
  14. TzuMo

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    Is there anything u wanna try out?


    1.would you prefer night all day everyday or cloudy grey all day everyday
    2. what are you smoking now
    3.whatsthe funniest game you can imagine
    6. Balls
    7. Can I have your minecraft account (pm if yes)
    8. Showing off or being black
    9. What organization are you from
    10. Where do you live
  16. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    in life, or in PS?

    1. cloudy grey.
    2. nothing
    3. amusing to watch (but not play yourself): the one with 2 people on either side of tube trying to blow cockroach into opposing person's mouth, saw it on TV lel
    6. ? where did 4 and 5 go
    7. don't have one
    8. question too vauge
    9. none yet
    10. australia
  17. TzuMo

    TzuMo Old-Timer

    In life
  18. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    hang gliding, surfing, scuba diving, skydiving
  19. Inev

    Inev im 12!!!! hi guys xD

    If you had to choose between tastebuds in your ass or losing both hands, what would you pick?
  20. i.suk

    i.suk ordinary powertricker

    tastebuds in ass
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