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Discussion in 'Board Help' started by Genji, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. Genji

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    Hey guys, I really apologize if this thread is in the wrong sub-section, but I rly need to know:
    Do I need to use photobucket to post pics? If I can use others what can I use?
    Ty for helping~:-)
  2. Quake

    Quake Your Favorite Oldie

    See all the tools you have to use right above the text box?^ Like, the Bold/Italics/ and Underline tools?

    The 15th icon from the left will say "Image" if you mouse over it. Click on it. A box will appear in which you paste the link for the photo there. Photobucket works fine, but so do other image hosting sites, aka imgur, and even some simple google images. so yeeah, feel free to ask more questions of you need a better clarification.

    Also, if its a large picture, put it in a spoiler. That's just common courtesy.
  3. Genji

    Genji Old-Timer

    Ah, thank you so much.
  4. Quake

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