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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by ubeydekaan, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. ubeydekaan

    ubeydekaan New Member

    hello everyone i have a lot of questions for u guys firstly sorry for my broken english.
    so i start pen spinning at this time i can do thumbaround and sonic. I know its so bad im just here for use your Pen Spinning experience.
    my question is where can i learn tricks combos?
    in which youtube channel?
    and which tricks suggest me beginner tricks and combos.
    i need to now what i do right now. Thank for helping. LOVE YA
  2. Nyx

    Nyx Old-Timer

    Welcome to UPSB! There are threads about tricks to learn for beginners! Just browse them here. Enjoy!
  3. Spinner.HoW*

    Spinner.HoW* Old-Timer

    welcome... just browse here on the forum and use the search box instead. all your questions are answerable by some threads here.

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