Issues with Shadow 12 (Beginner)

Discussion in 'Advanced Tricks' started by Blaze, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Blaze

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    I've been having a lot of rage moments learning the Shadow 12 lately. I keep spinning and letting go on the pen, but it repeatedly spins no the left edge of my index finger or rolls across the top of my hand. I have tried many times, hours on end, and I still cannot get the proper movement down. Sometimes when I spin my pen real slow, it kind of rests after the .5 rotation, but it's not really fast enough to even be a spin. Can someone please help me with this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I guess this may be irrelevant, but is the Sonic basically a twisted sonic on the other side of the finger? I really don't understand it and if you are reading this post and able to answer the Shadow question, I guess you would know this too.
  2. apricoat

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    For Shadow, try things like really extending your fingers out in order to flatten the whole palm. Some people also try moving their index finger underneath the middle finger at the point of release, so that it will spin on top of fingers 12 instead of 1 only.
    Spinning the pen slowly is good, use that to ensure that the pen will spin on top of 12, and get a feel of a proper release. Then, add a little more shake to your wrist in order to give it a little bit more push.

    Sonic vs Twisted Sonic:

    Here's a link to a very clearly performed sonic. Sonic is one trick on its own. Notice that the fingers barely move. If you watch the slowmos from 30s onwards, you can see that the pen does not make any revolutions (if one side of the pen were colored red and the other side was blue, the pen would still be facing the same way after the sonic is performed).

    This is twisted sonic. The twisted sonic is actually a hybrid, which means a combination of more than one trick. In this case, it's Charge hybridized into a Pass. Notice that the index finger moves down during this move as a Pass is performed to get the pen into slot 12. If you watch the slowmos from 18s onwards, you'll see that the pen actually turns. If the top side of the pen was colored red and the other side blue, then the colours would be flipped after a twisted sonic (the side facing upwards would now be blue)

    I'd recommend watching tutorials with a lot of closeups and HD slowmos so you can see exactly how a trick is perform. I do recommend shoeman6!

    Extra info: for a trick to be "performed on the other side of the fingers", it'll be called "Inverse <trick name>"

    Here's an inverse twisted sonic for comparison.
  3. Blaze

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    ohhh that Sonic makes way more sense now. Thank you! I'll try the Shadow again too, but I don't know how that will turn out yet :P
  4. Blaze

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    I tried the Shadow again and turns out I actually released a bit early the whole time... But now its better :D For some weird reason I am more consistent with my eyes closed
  5. Bitpen

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    ok... fine with me
  6. EvanTheToon

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    This is what helped me learn the trick: you need to hold the pen just below the center. Don't hold it too close to the tips.
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  7. Blaze

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    Yeah, I realized it too, but too late. I was originally holding it art the tip like a wiper move and it would hit my knuckles and bounce off.

    Still trying to get myself used to holding it differently >:(
  8. Cobber

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    The shadow made me really frustrated aswell. Like you said it would roll of the back of my hand or to the side.

    I don't know if this will help any, but when I first started learning the shadow. As I would let go of the pen to let it spin I would put my pointy finger straight and then bring it back up to catch the pen(which would only make the pen fall). So I tried keeping my finger up(from where I would let go of the pen), and I found the pen almost stuck to my pointy finger and spun around on the top of my finger a lot easier.

    Once again not sure if this will help but I thought I would write in anyway.
  9. vespirilite

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