jeb links?

Discussion in 'Linkages & Combos' started by timeless, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. timeless

    timeless Member

    sounds stupid but i want more complicated links, preferably jeb
  2. Rodi

    Rodi Old-Timer

    me 2
  3. Tchus

    Tchus Old-Timer

    What do you mean by "ccomplicated" ? What are the tricks you've mastered so far ?
  4. timeless

    timeless Member

    mirror tricks or more advanced baks or something
  5. Monheim

    Monheim Member

    why dont you just watch more jeb spinners dummy f
  6. Hiato

    Hiato Old-Timer

    Advanced penspinning -> looking at other spinners' combos and steal links from them
    There is no one who can just tell you what jeb links to use, pick a spinner you like (preferably not super advanced), look at what they do and HOW and try copying it.
    Rinse and repeat until you git gud
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