Jing's Pen Store 0806 BIG Updated (PSH spinpro/Nope Element/Pen case/Menowa* FITLINE mod....)

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    Hello, I am Jing from TWPS.
    +2000 on TWPS and +100 on PSH.

    ● Buyer sends the money first regardless of the feedback.
    ● Buyer pays Paypal fee and shipping fee ( Have tracking ).
    ● Paypal only.

    ● Money (Paypal)

    Some rare pens
    ● Dr. grip HDG-50R
    ● AC、CT、KT ( ask me color )
    ● Emboss ( ask me color )
    ● G3 (plastic/ metal)
    ● 700n ( for joey's DC/ UM700 )
    ● Muji (for Menowa* Reimei)
    ● Menowa* Reimei stuff
    ● marvy marker
    ● HGR
    ● Aqua Comssa
    ● D1-K
    .......more stuff pictures
    08/06 Updated
    1. PSHxSpinny SpinPro
    2. Nope element
    3. Nope pen bag
    4. Menowa* FITLINE mod
    5. PSH & ENO 2018 Pen case.......

    PSHxSpinny SpinPro

    Nope Element

    Nope pen bag

    Menowa* FITLINE mod

    PSH 2018 Pencase (metal gray/white/black)

    ENO Pen case V3 (white/black)

    Rushon mod (Rushon pen)

    PSH Normal Spinpro

    Nope x PSH spinpro

    Ivan mod (barrel: supertips or Histar)

    All Picture

    My Instagram
    Please PM me if you want more pictures and some else not on the list.
    Thanks :-):-):-)
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    Do you have a proof of your +2000 on TWPS ?
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    How about shipping cost bro?
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    3/10 Updated:
    1. PSH 2018 pencase
    2. Dr.grip (ENO) 6 color
    3.Vicgotgame Emboss mod (ENO materials)
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    0806 Updated
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