Kenseii CV 3 (Will invent a title dont worry Noone)

Discussion in 'Collaboration Organization / Sign-ups' started by Kenseii, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. JV2 (Javi)

    JV2 (Javi) Member

    /out then
  2. Kenseii

    Kenseii Old-Timer

    not u
  3. JV2 (Javi)

    JV2 (Javi) Member

    Then im /in again
  4. Bitpen

    Bitpen Old-Timer

    lol im just stating facts
  5. Saltient

    Saltient Old-Timer

  6. Timel3ss

    Timel3ss Member


    mod broke
  7. Kenseii

    Kenseii Old-Timer

    Fuck your facts, u just tryna look all smart and shit
  8. Bitpen

    Bitpen Old-Timer

    no im not, because it's an obvious fact.
  9. Kenseii

    Kenseii Old-Timer

    look bit, fuck you, and stop tryna stack messages to be PS-addict
  10. Bitpen

    Bitpen Old-Timer

    what do you mean by this ^
  11. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    okay I think all of us forgot about this @Kenseii , or at least I did. Can I submit a combo today?
  12. Bitpen

    Bitpen Old-Timer

    wait it's literally been a month and still no cv
  13. Kenseii

    Kenseii Old-Timer

    lol same ye sure dood
  14. Emm

    Emm Member

    ayy this was a month ago
    can I still pass though?
  15. Bitpen

    Bitpen Old-Timer

    This is a dead CV.i don't think kenseii will actually follow through
  16. Kenseii

    Kenseii Old-Timer

    Ye u can

    Bit can u just fuck off of this thread nobody needs your shitty facts and criticism, just gtf out of here
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  17. Reiku

    Reiku Old-Timer

    no need to be arrogant geez
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