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    Helloooooooo Guys !
    I'm Lazer* from PPSC. On November 2017, I'm gonna be 3 yrs on pen spinning, I see myself no improvements so i'm just going to organize my 2nd cv. If you want to watch my 1st cv.
    here's the link:
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFgJN7FbyMg

    I'm inviting you all to join my cv, all can participate but there's a filtering so goodluck [​IMG]
    In terms of editing. i don't know if i can edit because of school works but i'll do my best to edit the CV, You can volunteer as an editor but give me an example of your works [​IMG]

    Here's what you need to submit your entry.

    Entry length: around 10 seconds to 25 seconds
    Entry should be on Landscape
    Try your entry to be on setup as much as possible
    Your Combo should be visible on cam
    Filtering: Just do your best hahaha
    Deadline: October 27, 2017 (No extension)

    Send me privately your entry via Facebook, Gmail, or PM me here on this forum
    Your entry should be uploaded on any hosting file like Google Drive, Mediafire, Dropbox, Mega etc.

    My Gmail is ironboat013@gmail.com

    Sorry if the deadline is alr on Oct. 27. I want to edit it after that day so that i can publish it on November.
    So that being said. This is just once a year so i hope you all join
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    /out something came up, gl with the project. My apologies!
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    Up for those who didnt send their entry yet

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