DC M&G-2S Gripless (Philippines Mod)

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    First, I must say that the pen or materials that are available here can mostly be found in the Philippines. I also want to know if they are available in a different country.
    Type: DC
    Length: 22 cm(approx.)
    Weight: ??? (pls forgive me ._.)
    COG: COP
    Writable: No
    Retractable: Yes
    Insert: No
    Difficulty: Easy af... Even your pet could make it.

    It just looks like a regular DC SuperTips with metal tips):

    M&G-2S stands for: M&G - The tips used, and 2S - means two tips are stacked for each side.
    The good thing about this pen mod is that it's cheap, gripless and heavy.
    x2 Lil' Hands: (2) Caps, (1) Body
    x4 M&G Elite: (4) Tips

    1. Just like the usual, remove the Lil' Hands backplug and ink.
    2. Put a cap on both ends. (Secure with tape if needed)
    3. Stack an M&G Elite from another.
    4. Tape it in the middle.
    5. Once, they are stacked and secured you need to thicken the bottom tip by rolling it on tape, three rolls are enough.
    6. Plug it inside the Lil' Hands cap hole (the top hole).
    7. Repeat 3-6 in to the other cap.
    8. Make sure it's not loose by testing it.
    9. Yeah, that's probably it.
    10. I think...
    11. Yep...
    12. Or, you could...
    13. Uhh.. nevermind that's for V2.
    14. Bye... ^_^
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    Terrible tut terrible mod
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    Actually best mod eva
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    Stick to ph board thx
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    Next time you write a tut this long, please can you include some photos? Thank you so much!!!!!
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