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    YT playlist will be updated as I add vids to it, thread might not be as updated because cbf opening thread and editing it every time. Breakdowns probably in the vids' comments somewhere; but if you're still relying on text breakdowns to learn stuff rather than visuals, these videos are probably beyond your level .-.

    most recent: 'lunatic' minicombo 1


    Naturally, 'normal' is harder than 'easy' (there will probably be 'hard', 'lunatic' and maybe even 'extra' categories eventually); difficulty is not related to rarity of the ideas used however. Nonetheless, the stuff used in these combos isn't commonly spammed variations, or I wouldn't bother making videos of it.
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    @i.suk u still working on dis?
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    yes, there will be a few more in several days after i release GPL r3 vid
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    updated 1st post

    'easy' minicombo 4 and 'hard' minicombo 2 will be up tomorrow and in 3 days or so respectively, probably
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    finally lunatic
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