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Discussion in 'Trading / Buying' started by hoiboy, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. hoiboy

    hoiboy Member

    I hope that whoever receives these mods will spin them more than me.

    One DC Pentel Color Pen S360
    One Buster CYL
    Two waterfall mods (no grips)

    Four mods, four winners. I'll leave this up for a week (until 4/29). Just post below. USA only please unless.
  2. Uxz'

    Uxz' Member

  3. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard

    @Uxz' it says USA only lol
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  4. Nine53

    Nine53 Member

    /in ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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  5. Uxz'

    Uxz' Member

    rip :D /not in
  6. Rinwada

    Rinwada New Member

  7. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    Free? Then I'm in
  8. CJCC48

    CJCC48 Member

  9. Wobster

    Wobster Old-Timer

    brb moving to USA
  10. Basileus_Ita

    Basileus_Ita Member

    *sighs in italian*
  11. popte

    popte too slow Staff Member Moderator

  12. Timel3ss

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  13. Barry

    Barry New Member

  14. dux

    dux Member

  15. flaming oracle

    flaming oracle New Member

  16. nachoaddict

    nachoaddict Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    That might be my Buster CYL or I had one that looked identical to it ;D
  17. Green Caffeine

    Green Caffeine Old-Timer

    Were the chosen posters PMed? Or have the winners not been announced yet
  18. Barry

    Barry New Member

    I would also like to know.
  19. hammerkong0ul

    hammerkong0ul New Member


    E: lol wait a minute
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  20. NovaSquared

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