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Discussion in 'Spammer's Bin' started by shoeman6, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. nexus

    nexus Member

    nose hair is legit annoying
    i'm getting old
  2. Warped

    Warped Old-Timer

    Lol wtf how is nose hair bothering you?
  3. Potato-sensei

    Potato-sensei New Member

    It feels itchy or ticklish sometimes....
  4. nexus

    nexus Member

    Just woke up at 5PM thinking it's 5AM. Queue rushing like fuck to get out of the house to get to work. Walk outside the house and see stores open, people walking around and cars driving about. It was at this moment my world fell apart.
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  5. nexus

    nexus Member

    Next big purchase is gonna be a sick audio set up. DAC, amp and bomb-ass headphones.
  6. Tentcell

    Tentcell New Member

    iphone x pretty cool
  7. colourfulXinsanity

    colourfulXinsanity New Member

    4 boxes of girl scout cookies in 4 days. New low or new high?
  8. nexus

    nexus Member

    sounds like a win to me
  9. strat1227

    strat1227 Retired Moderator Staff Member Retired Moderator

    i made so much money this week holy hell
  10. Tentcell

    Tentcell New Member

    think i dodged a bullet

    found out that a girl i was dating a bit last semester posts on every one of travis scotts pictures, like he reads them or something
  11. TheAafg

    TheAafg New Member

    all i want is a nice internship in the summer dudes that's in toronto or at least close it ugh
  12. nexus

    nexus Member

    how much you reckon a good orgy costs? on the surface it looks like it could be super cheap but a little bit of money could make the experience so much better.
  13. Reason

    Reason special man Staff Member Retired Moderator

    i hear they get pretty organized when people are serious about it. like a big house party but everyone is fucking. condoms and lube packets handed out like candies. theres application forms for it and everything. i wonder what they do for catering too... like does everyone bring a dish to pass? do you have to make sure you dont bring anything with peanuts for that one chick with the allergy?

    though i figure it would be better if they got foods specifically for maintaining energy and stamina. pizza and wings doesnt sound like the best in this scenario. probably a lot of fruits. idk.
  14. Tentcell

    Tentcell New Member

    pretty sure my buddy organized one in high school in a tent or something
  15. nexus

    nexus Member

    a tent is a good call if you wanna take the show on the road
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  16. nexus

    nexus Member

    When it's 5F for 2 weeks 32F is looking like mighty fine riding weather.
  17. strat1227

    strat1227 Retired Moderator Staff Member Retired Moderator

    Yeah we had a long cold snap here, now mid 30sF feels great lol

    nexus teach me to be better at csgo
  18. nexus

    nexus Member

    i'd have to see you play to help
  19. nexus

    nexus Member

    @strat1227 fuck, you can't actually hear me all that well in that video but if you actually want some more tips i can do it again i should have the demo recorded or maybe if you wanna send me a replay from a more conventional game, not the 4v5 uphill battle
  20. sangara

    sangara Member

    Welp I'm gonna be a farmer.

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