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Discussion in 'Spammer's Bin' started by shoeman6, Dec 20, 2014.

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    honkey please
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    Bought Slayer tickets for december. Always put off seeing them because they're in town every few years, now it's the final world tour, had to.

    Unfortunately my favorite band also plays Berlin on the same date and they just released a new album which I'd love to hear live but my last chance to see Slayer trumps that I think.

    Also by far the most expensive concert for me. It is premium tickets but usually the bands I see are a third of what I paid for Slayer, it better be raining blood.
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    how much were the tickets bro?
  5. nexus

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    120 euros or 140 freedom dollars, each
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    nexus you heard this?
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    I don't like german rap that much. There's 1 or 2 groups that do humorous raps that I like.
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    cheeky re-peek on the ct guy but well done, isolating enemies is the key

    ran a clinic on some kids earlier
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