Multi functional Pens (with pencil)

Discussion in 'Regular Pen Discussion' started by Nekoiskawaii, Jul 24, 2017.

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    Does anyone know of any multi functional pens that have a pencil as well? I wanted .7 led but I guess they don't make them like that >.<
    Hopefully someone could suggest something they saw on because I ain't got much choice of where i'm getting it from. Just too much to have a pen spinning pen, normal pen and a pencil in my pocket XD
    I'll be open to any suggestions at all tho so thanks for any replies :)
  2. I know some cheap multifunctional pens that could found in the dollar store, office stores, etc. but I don't know if you'll be interested in cheap pens. I also don't live in Canada, so I don't know any suggestions from there. Have you tried looking on maybe eBay, Craglists, or other online stores?
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    I looked at Amazon but those other sites are too shady for me >.<
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