Request Name Change Request (Please read the first post!)

Discussion in 'Board Help' started by fang, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. AkrA17

    AkrA17 New Member

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  2. Czygen

    Czygen Member

    Firenzo ---> Czygen
    Reason: just wanted to change my v4 name to something new :lol:
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  3. Obie

    Obie Old-Timer

    I find CX2 very mediocre and very long to pronounce (3 syllables for 3 digits). Also, people mistaken and say "C2X" which is a even way worse name. I also find it in the group of "cliche number at the end names" which, I've grown hatred on. But basically, I just don't want my old username anymore due to the, well, facts I depicted earlier.
    Please change it
    Thanks in advance ^^
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  4. Aubree

    Aubree New Member

    Mark Smith --> Aubree

    I thought the username was supposed to be my actual name. I also didn't know that the name would be used as a handle
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  5. Zephyr

    Zephyr Member


    changed my yt channel name and I want them to match
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  6. ChasmRedux

    ChasmRedux Member

    Chasm --->>> ChasmRedux
    (Please Capital the C and R)---->>>> ChasmRedux
    cause I want a complete name. Like in my Youtube channel too.
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  7. Law

    Law Old-Timer

    Can I get a name change from lawabidingcitizen9 to just Law? People only ever call me that anyway. Plus it's sort of difficult to sign in with a name this long.
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  8. Matsuya

    Matsuya Old-Timer

    Matsya ---> Matsuya
    Matsuya sounds alot cooler in my opinion
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  9. Zephyr

    Zephyr Member

    actually scratch that
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  10. DoeLarh

    DoeLarh Disappointment

    nuu i like the name "Lac9"
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  11. Law

    Law Old-Timer

    I just didn't want to have to explain it to new guys. 'Law' makes sense at first glance, unlike LAC9.
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  12. mussy

    mussy New Member

    Giwl -> mussy
    'Cause Peng15 and Shawkie say so
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  13. OPdelivers

    OPdelivers Old-Timer

    lol poor zkhan
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  14. EveRest


    ah shit....obito!! I thought you were dead in the manga D:
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  15. kuro

    kuro bringer of death

    kuro karasu > kuro

    when I frist registered almost a year ago (ah good times) I accidentally puted a wrong email, so I had to re register again, unfortunately I couldn't use kuro again so I had to add karasu which I regret deeply now T.T
    I would like to change it to just kuro if possible, I already talked to @fang about my "re registering accident" since technically I basically made another account, he said its alright since I never used it and it was an accident on my part, so Im hoping if push comes to shove you can delete the one I made with the wrong email and change my current account to just kuro. If not try

    kuro karasu > Kuro

    (basically with just a capital "k") Just in case you cant change it to kuro since you cant reuse a name
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  16. Otter

    Otter New Member

    Otter --> Klepto
    I realized that when I start posting everyone will think my name is copying superwalrus
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  17. Matsuya

    Matsuya Old-Timer

    not at all . Its not even close to a walrus lol. if u think its because the animals are closely related, think again.
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  18. Otter

    Otter New Member

    Fine then I won't change it :-)
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  19. EveRest


    I don't think Walrus is a trademarked name B)
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  20. Bobby

    Bobby Member

    Can I have my name changed from Bobby343-->Bobby
    Cause when I first joined, I thought there would be another member called Bobby, so I added the numbers. But since there isnt, I would like it to be just Bobby.
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