Request Name Change Request (Please read the first post!)

Discussion in 'Board Help' started by fang, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. fang

    fang Just-A-Dragon-Love-Doctor. Staff Member Administrator

    Naoh UPSB -> Naoh

    Well, the member list claims something different.
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  2. Naoh

    Naoh New Member

  3. Security

    Security Irresponsible Security Guard



    Fang I take back everything I said about u <3
  5. Kayvee

    Kayvee Beta Modder Hater

    change to Kayvee
    reason i love you @fang
  6. Nickle

    Nickle Old-Timer

    I can't see @Lazer* in the member list either

    -edit: but now that I posted my reply I can see the user
  7. p3ngu1n

    p3ngu1n New Member

    p3ngu1n._. -> p3ngu1n

    the "smiley face" is very distracting to me now that I think of it and im sure it looks very weird when I type in shout box
  8. flow

    flow Old-Timer

    flow -> furo please

    the name flow sounds dumb and gets made fun of so i would like to switch to jap
  9. Lazer*

    Lazer* Member

    /change to Lazer* UPSB then huehue
  10. Lazer*

    Lazer* Member

    Can you delete that account and change it to my ps name?
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  11. fang

    fang Just-A-Dragon-Love-Doctor. Staff Member Administrator

    Kvanimation -> Kayvee
    p3ngu1n._. -> p3ngu1n
    A13g -> Lazer*

    Name already taken. Please choose another name.
  12. flow

    flow Old-Timer

    Could I please use the name WorkingClassMan?
  13. Genji

    Genji Old-Timer

    can i please change from
    reason for change : tox sounds kinda weird alr, also i just dont really like tox anymore
    editedit: really sorry, but if possible change mythos-> Genji please?
    so Tox-->Genji
    thank you!
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2017
  14. fang

    fang Just-A-Dragon-Love-Doctor. Staff Member Administrator

    Back from holliday, so sorry for the delay!

    Tox -> Genji

    Already in use, please try a different one. (if the user doesn't appear in the user list, it's prob that he banned)
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  15. Genji

    Genji Old-Timer

    thank you!
  16. flow

    flow Old-Timer

    oh I see...
    What about Furo Sama

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